Thursday, January 5, 2012

I like my geometric shapes like I like women: curvy and in multiples.

I know the geometric shape de regueur is ye olde tres-sided triangle of pointy fabulosity but I like to buck tradition.  I'm into dots now. Behold some cute shit:

via Fox on the Run

I know.  I'm a rule-breaker.  I also wear sunglasses at night and spread the jelly on my bread before I spread the almond butter.  (I'm kidding, I put the almond butter on first.  I'm a rule-breaker not fucking insane.)

Luli Sanchez

But seriously I'm kinda obsessed with dots lately.  Like doodles gone wild and I love when things go wild.  From the safety of my couch of course.

Lincolnshire Firewood Company
It's amazing what you come across on Pinterest.  This is from a site that actually sells firewood.  In England.  The places that sell firewood here do so on the side of the road out of the back of their truck.  Or you could go someplace fancy like Home Depot.  One day when I win the lottery I'll put in gas logs but until then: wood dots. 

via Riazzoli
I couldn't actually have a dot bedspread because it might feel like I was sleeping under Tracy Turnblad's roach dress but I like it because it fits in with this blog post exceptionally well.

via mille
Just like this nebula of awesomeness. 

via ready set internet's photostream

These Bernard Voita pictures keep me occupied for hours.  The others are pretty badass as well but contain no dots so they are dead to me right now.

Lady Ann de Borja via Mint

Well now...  I have some old paper bags and a sharpie that might be involved in some crafting this weekend.  Y'all come over and bring wine.  

Without realizing it, I seem to have been collecting dots over several months  I also didn't know they were all in neutral colors until I was pulling them together tonight so let's interject it with some color for a moment:

via Breath My Stardust

via Simply Pi
Oh that's better.  Let's not get too crazy.  We're not colored polka dots/jelly-THEN-almond butter kind of people.

Atelier Xavier Veilhan via Seesaw
I still can't get enough of this mobile.  I bet we can attempt one during the craft party this weekend.  SOMEBODY BRING FISHING LINE!

Dodoplan via Design*Sponge

via ffffound
Or maybe some straws so we can craft some giant chemical bonds.  Molecular curvology is the kind of polka dot science I can get behind.  And by 'get behind' I mean the only science I really care to understand: the fake kind.

Aspen Mays

via yimmy yayo

via Ville Javat

Fuck it.  Let's just paint the Ranch with polka dots!  

We'll need a few more bottles of wine.  I hope you pass a fishing line/booze palace because I'm super busy going wild on my couch with a sharpie and some paper bags.


  1. I dig the Voïta photographs. I dig anything that manipulates dimensional projections revealing the compression of 3D space into 2D space.

    Cap yer sharpies occasionally, otherwise you may find you've no need for wine.


  2. Yes. That's the exact sentence I said to myself when I saw those photographs... *shifty eyes*

    I like to "see" the passage of time - the time it took to choose objects, build the grid and get it right. That's Craft to me.

    I uncap my sharpies when I'm too poor for a bottle of wine... ; )

  3. Since I have no artistic talent, I've decided to be come a dot artist like picture one.

    I'm trying to get how that is art but I'm struggling. Sheesh.

    I do like the wood dots, though!

  4. I think I'm crabby because the New Year has doomed me to eat rabbit food instead of bacon and Tostitos.

    Stupid waistbands.

  5. Not every piece of art can be like the Thomas Kinkade you love so much. ; )

    Enjoy your rabbit food! I'll eat your share of bacon.

  6. Consider the amount of thought effort that went into calculating all of the angular distance, scale, and distance from the camera to get all of the "dots" to appear to be the same size.

    Physics makes me all drooly.

  7. If you like dots, you'll love this: although I actually prefer the white, untouched version. (just like me) ahahah. Poor Nick and his rabbit food. Maybe he could eat those tiny ice cream dots.

  8. Thomas Kinkade = Chunder.

    Oooh... Dippin Dots would be great, Alexandra!

  9. Izzy - I know! Serious art boner.

    AFF - Whoa that is pretty badass! I couldn't live in that but I actually love the idea of the kids and their stickers. You can have your kids put some stickers on your pure white, untouched skin... ; )

    Dippin Dots! I should have made an effort to only eat round food today - genius!!

    Nick - Don't lie. You know you have a collection in your formal sitting room.