Thursday, August 7, 2014

Don't cha wish I'd get more current references? Don't chaaa?

UGH.  Don't you wish you could go to a hot dog party at this place?  I bet they have a special room just for keeping buns warm.  

This is the Oban House in Australia by David Watson.  Don't you wish you could refer to your house with a proper name?  I guess mine would be Wiener Manor...?

Oh wait sometimes I call it the ModSauce Ranch...  that sounds about as cool as Wiener Manor so now I get what y'all must have been feeling when reading it all these years.

Don't you wish you had a mini-golf green AND pool in your backyard?  At the Wiener Manor it would be a go-kart track and pool but that might be harder for a landscape architect to make look jazzy.

Ahhh... this fits in with my current need for minimal junk and lots of space for twirling and frolicking.  Don't you wish you could open up the walls of your house to the outside and not be swarmed with pollen, mosquitoes and tree monsters?

This is Australia so don't they have giant flying spiders and dragonflies that are actually closer to dragons than flies so perhaps this isn't such a good idea after all...  Don't you wish dragonflies WERE actually closer to dragons than flies?

I like kitchens that look like they were carved out of the foundation rock the house was built on.  Like, "chisel me a sink over there, Bubba!" Don't cha wish your kitchen was a lot like this one?  Don't chaaaa?

The bathroom at Wiener Manor requires each user to sign a health waiver before entering...  Don't cha wish your bathroom was RAW like this one?  Don't chaaa?

*weeps softly, the tears further staining the yellowed grout in the crumbling bathroom*

All pics from here
Don't the neighbors wish they'd buy mini-blinds?

Although, nobody really gives a shit what happens at the Wiener Manor and I only have curtains on about half the windows...

I'm 12% of the way to becoming an Australian architectural masterpiece!


  1. Ughhhh I want to marry that pool.

  2. Groot enters the wall you left open, smashes into your modernist chandeliers, tracks dirt on the carpet and sits down at the dinner table. "I am Groot" he says. Charlemagne gives you side-eye clearly indicating that you should closed the fucking wall when you had a chance. You give Groot a hot dog with homemade relish and hope for the best.

  3. all the stuff in the photos you showed, i personally think is really meh. it just finally occurred to me that i'm following your blog and we don't have the same taste AT ALL but it doesn't matter b/c to me the best part of this post was enthusiastically nodding my head in agreement about how wouldn't it be cool if dragonflies were more like dragons than flies. :D

    1. Haha that's totally fine! In fact, I think that's a huge compliment that you put up with my shitty taste just to hang out here. That's one of my favorite things about this here blog is that so many different people read.

      But seriously, DRAGONflies, amirite?!