Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bitch better have my money.

Maison Margiela for Vogue Russia here

Why is it that juuust when you're starting to climb out of the debt hole the universe starts stomping on your fingers like an angry movie villain?  So rude.  

Here I am just polishing my pearl teeth and dreaming of new gutters (glamorous dreams) after paying off the last of my kitchen loan and my car decides to pee power steering fluid everywhere.  So rude.

I'm working on multiple projects JUST FOR YOU, saucy blog readers, but shit keeps fucking up my plans.  I mean, all a girl wants is to be bedazzled from crown to ground and have nice eaves to her house that aren't covered in mold.  Simple things in life.

I'm not really whining - I'm happy digging in the dirt and enjoying this deliciously long and mild Spring we're having - but bedazzled gutters were gonna be the focal point of my new landscaping plan.  

Still happily hanging on by a bejeweled pinkie finger over here.  


  1. I have lurked for so long, but I get it. The construction gods have decided I didn't want a new screened porch with skylights.Conspiring against me, even. They have decided a new septic system was more important . Like I care about that? Something that will never be seen, and I'm paying 10's of thousands? Ugh.

    1. UGH it's in the GROUND and you can't even show it off to your friends and neighbors. Such a 'waste.' SEPTIC HUMOR!

      Screened in porches are the stuff of dreams and I will send happy thoughts to the universe that you get one soon (as long as I get to come over and hang out there!).

      Thanks for de-lurking and saying hello!

    2. Mojitos and cats are what separate us from being BARBARIANS, L. Good luck with the yard. Maybe, I won't have to mow for a while as the neighbors look askance, Construction is my go to answer for the leaves that still weren't picked up.

    3. Leaves are just Mother Nature's mulch!

      Mojitos and cats, indeed. Enjoy your summer full of construction/destruction. I want pics of that porch when it's done!!

  2. Great. Now I can't get bedazzled rain gutters out of my head. Maybe one of those mod dollhouses or gingerbread creations you love could be a stand-in? Gumdrop gutters? Now I'm hungry.

    Let me console you with an insane Bay Area story. Our kitchen sink leaks, I go to a popular Berkeley community site to get plumber recs. (Spoiler alert: Berk people are some rich motherfuckers so I should have known better) Two days later a plumber man is telling me it will cost FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS TO REPLACE A FUCKING FAUCET. I restrain from punching him in the face. I know nothing about plumbing but this is goddamn Oakland not Shangri-La where streets are made of gold. I'm never calling anyone to fix shit ever again. It's duct tape & hot glue from here on out. Did I mention we have to pay for home repairs because if we "bother" our landlord he'll raise the rent? Yeah, the Bay Area is aces.

    Anyways, the good news is that you paid off your kitchen!!!! Congratulations!

    1. Move over rain chains, we've got gumdrop gutters now!

      UGH that sooo sucks about your faucet AND landlord situation! I can't believe you have to pay for your own repairs! Maybe I'll be a little more grateful about my house issues. And the fact that I live in the South where everything is 100 jazzillion times cheaper here.

      Hope you're enjoying that water hose you're using for a faucet lately... : (