Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm not dead just busy making a cameo on Girls...

I apparently gifted myself a hiatus from blogging for Christmas.  Also, a lot of booze.

This is me (and the Dowager Countess) every Sunday night when I should be blogging for you:
We even have the same stubble.  So weird.

I'll be back as soon as the voices in my head get too loud to ignore.  They're already at a low rumble so don't worry.  

I just took down my Christmas tree this weekend so you can see I'm still struggling with the whole calendar thang in 2013 but I'm on my way to giving you lots of this:

Tyler Shields
2013, y'all.  We're gonna vomit glitter all over this bitch.


  1. She is alive!!! good to hear from you ... for a moment I thought you and your feline fellow were lying unconscious under the tree, so glad to hear is only booze! By the way, scientist found out that pregnant women can drink up to 4 drink per week and that won't cause any negative effect on the baby! just think how much can we drink without being pregnant and it's approved by science!!! ;) ... Also let me tell you I finished storing all the Christmas tree things on Saturday 12th next year I'm doing this:

    but I need an alternative for candles, I don't want to clean that wax dripping mess

  2. Yay science! And Christmas! That candle tree is awesome! I bet you can get some fake LED candles that wont' drip wax. Although I bet once all those 'limbs' get coated in dripped wax they might look really really cool. Like snow! ; )

    Be back soon, Romy!

  3. I want to make that glitter vomit picture my front door! Your Christmas present to yourself was better than mine -- protracted illness, wheeeeeee. So drink and drink some more, then blog. :)