Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I want this on a keychain...

Star-spangled spatula by J. Riley-Wasserman for Areawear via Minus Manhattan
The only way to show you're a real patriot is to sear your mangled pile of dead cow with our nation's two-dimensional glory. 

And then Instagram that shit so we can all be motherfucking patriots together and incestuously 'Like' everyone else's pics just like that bad bitch Betsy Ross would have wanted us to do.

Have a great holiday filled with fireworks (of whatever kind you choose) and I'll see you on the flip side.



  1. 20 lbs of watermelon! $50 worth of cupcakes (insanely expensive awesome California food-snobby ones) (that's for 18 cupcakes, btw). Fish! Chicken! Sausages! Two vegetables!

    Yep, we had an insane 4th - now with children. Much fun was had by all. Much meat was had by me. My victory was getting to choose the best cupcakes ever and then GETTING SOMEONE TO FOOT THE BILL. I am kinda awesome sometimes.

    1. I love meat. Possibly more than cupcakes. I'm very jealous of your meat fest. But more jealous of free cupcakes! High five.