Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer under construction

Too bad I already did my style smorgasbord of lesbian goodness last week because I should have scrapped it all and just put this lone picture up there.

I think that says it all, right there.  Just imagine my arms are holding a tray of jello shots and mini bagel bites and I think that's perfectly captured my essence.

These necklaces are made by sister bloggers (like sister wives but maybe weirder because bloggers...?) at Me and Lex and these ladies can work some magic with some jewelry.

They take vintage pieces and new pieces and combine them to make pieces of my soul like this:


Obviously they're really good an symmetry too.

found via Because I'm Addicted

It's like everything I look for in life.

So obviously I spent the last week looking for jewelry that I could make into breastplates of sunshine to match my sparkling personality.

Just kidding I played in the rain and dirt like a filthy wildling.

There goes the illusion of me being a glamorous angel of stylish accessories and symmetrical photography magic.  

I'm slowly turning my black thumb of doom into something that might actually sustain life.  This is a big breakthrough, y'all.  It's only taken me 7 years or so.

Thanks to the generosity of some friends, I was gifted many plants this year and I promised to do my best to keep them alive.  But there was an unspoken understanding that we know we're sentencing many of these plants to die a slow death.

Good thing Charlemagne's so self-sufficient.

Can I snuggle and/or eat you?

I supplemented my gift plants with some other plant purchases this weekend but did have them sign a waiver before getting into my cart.  May proper hydration and photosynthesis be with you, little green dudes.

Currently I'm 90% done of killing 20% of the plants and as soon as I'm 100% done I'll give you a yard tour.  It's under construction but I better get on this before the sweltering July death heat reaches us.

Even though I'm more likely to be covered in mud than sparkly jewelry, I AM able to retain a small bit of glam.

Talon Watch 2013 is in full effect.  My nails are also under construction (starting here) and have managed to stay intact through all the digging and hard labor.  Probably due to the adamantium injections.  Just a little bit more and I'll be able to file them into witchy weapons of mass destruction and back scratching.

So to recap:

Fantastic clothes and badass sparkly accessories?  Uh... I found some pretty pictures?

A yard of amazing awesomeness?  Working on it and got the mosquito bites to prove it.

Dramatic manicure because I'm bored and can't afford fantastic clothes and badass sparkly accessories?  Soon, my sweets.

I live in a state of constant progress.  And jewelry lust.


  1. Ahhh! Charlemagne's looks like the purrfect accessory for your garden.
    regarding jewelry I'm in love with this baby:
    There is no F way to know who made it :(

    I love "your" collection but I wouldn't wear it just by the simple fact that if I mix my brasize and those things I may lose an eye, and with my luck it will be the good one haha.

    1. Ahahahaha! I guess sometimes I should be lucky to be lacking in some areas!

      Ooh I love that piece you linked to. Obviously you should buy it immediately. It'll go with your black blazer!

      (Sorry about the late reply - I must have missed the alert!)

  2. I always think "I should make some fly shit like that" and then I accidentally say it out loud and my family says "and then you should fly to moon on wings of bliss" or some other sarcastic shit and I have to sulk. Obviously I could do that if I didn't have Netflix, Hulu and chocolate but a girl can only do so much with these giant First World problem of internet addiction. Off to Facebook because that's a fucking verb now.

    Props on your Talons of '13. Badass.

    1. I mean, we're not superheroes! We can't make crafts AND except Netflix to get watched.

      Thanks, honey. Talons of '13 are so far beyond this image it's ridic.

      Yeah, I just said 'ridic' so please feel free to say some sarcastic shit about it. I earned it.