Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Orange is the new blue.

It's summer so normal people are doing summer things like softball or going to water parks or other activities that appear in tampon commercials.  

I don't do those things because all that shit is HOT and kinda poopy if water parks are involved.  

My summer consists of "cool" summer fun like eating a lot of cold salsa (that's inside burritos) and avoiding the sun.  

You really don't know how fucking terrible the sun is until it's with you for 22 hours of the day.  It's everywhere, y'all, and it never goes to bed.  I can't escape it's melanomic ways.

So I've been having dirty, sinful thoughts about taking off all my clothes at midnight and breaking into someone's backyard.  Where I will go night swimming.  One of my favorite activities of all time.

Except if you're talking about swimming in a lake because that's just gross and I don't like to do that during the day time.

Not a damn clue...

But a pool, the ocean or even a large culvert will do me just fine.  Hey, I'm not picky about my nighttime water parks.

Here I think...
In somewhat unrelated visual news, I'm kinda getting obsessed with deep, midnight, inky, not gonna get e. coli from swimming in the water, dark blue.  I think it's my color for this summer.

Sonja Delauney DREAMS
And the color of my DREAMS.

Cover design by John Gall
My dreams of water.  I'm really reaching for this interpretation, huh?

Nicolas de Stael
Technically my favorite color this summer is orange because I've started binge watching Orange is the New Black aka "The Story of What Would Happen if Lacy Went to Prison" and it's marvelous.


It's not what I thought even though I really didn't have any expectations but it's worth your time.  

It's technically my version of night swimming.  On the couch.  Charlemagne's a licker so it's kinda wet...?

Night swimming heaven right here.  It's like swimming inside magic.  Or your neighbor's kiddie pool at 1 AM.  Same thing.


Carlo Scarpa photographed by Daniel Boudinet
A little golden river... like peeing in the ocean methinks.  (Sorry, fancy architect)


And almost more than stolen kiddie pool moments, I love all these watery paintings by Andrea Pramuk.  

I would steal one then go to prison and they'd make a show about it that you could binge watch.  My gift to the world.

Hope they have cold salsa (in burritos) in prison.


  1. 1: You're new color is awesome.
    2: I saw the first half of the first episode of Orange is the New Black, and that show is hot and awesome.

    Hope to see you this weekend, and if not this weekend, soon!

    1. 1. Yay I'm not alone let's go night swimming together!

      2. Yes to both of those things!

      I think Sunday is doable but need a real party soon! With lots of good food... ; )

  2. I'm loving all of this gorgeous blue. I've been painting my nails blue lately but it tends to be more like Miami Art Deco blue or shimmery mermaid blue. I may have to dig out my midnight blue tonight when I do my toenails.

    Also <3 Orange is the New Black <3

    1. Big fan of blue nails of any color but an even bigger fan of mermaids. I'd like to change the theme of this post to Orange is the New Mermaid.

  3. Damn you and your show recommendations. I just started Welcome to Night Vale podcast because of peer pressure, now Orange is the new Black momentum is beginning. I'm still binging on Portlandia, dammit.

    Love you inky blotty watery images. I've been obsessing over star pictures lately and big giant moon pictures. Thank you astronauts for your pretty pictures and science and shit.

    1. What is this Night Vale thing? I've heard several people mention it lately and looks like I'll be peer pressured into it too.

      Binge away. It's what keeps me going.

      You know, I have a whole other post about "space" stuff I'm collecting! Galaxies and moons and that shit is everywhere and OBVIOUSLY we are totally on trend with it. We're like astronauts of inspiration.

    2. "Astronaut of inspiration" - Your new tagline! I love it. Your galaxy/geometric tattoo pins are the only thing that has ever even temped me to ink my pristine, rapidly aging, wildly over-lotioned skin.

      Welcome to Night Vale is this creepy funny podcast (20mins long, 24 eps so far). It's like a little slice of life local radio broadcast only shit is super weird & people die & fantastical things happen, but the announcer acts like that's totally normal. He's very cheerful, which somehow makes it very, very fun. I got hooked after seeing some kick ass graphic design for it by (PS I blame you for my joining tumblr as yet another thing to read on my phone!)

    3. Ha! Imma put it in my Twitter bio ASAP!

      I'm laughing so hard at "over-lotioned skin."

      Cool I will definitely have to check out Night Vale then - I spend a LOT of time staring at a computer so I need lots of things to listen to. Cheerful with a sense of morbidity is my cup of (sweet) tea!

      YESSSSS welcome to the black hole of tumblr! You want to quit but can't... I don't know why it's so addictive.