Thursday, May 29, 2014

This cat spits on my staycation.

Just blogging in briefly to alert you to a few very important things.

#1 I'm still on staycation which means I've been in my pajamas for four days and it is magnificent.  

#2  I'm watching some mediocre show called Longmire to inspire me not to sit around in my pajamas all day.  It's not working quite as well as I had hoped.  It's like if Charlie Swan, Bella's dad, had a cop show with his Native American frenemies and CBS produced it.  Lou Diamond Phillips is in it which is kinda the highlight.

#3 June 1st, this Sunday, is the last day to enter to win an amazing handwritten letter from me!!!! (also agate knobs)  Please leave a comment here with your email and/or twitter handle if you're interested.

#4 The best thing I've seen all week is this:

Her name is Millie and she goes mountain climbing with her human.  His name is Craig.

She was an adopted kitten who he trained to follow him on his adventures.

Don't worry, sometimes she has a harness and her own rope.

I feel like these are all Instagram pics and I would follow the shit out of it if I knew what it is.  Until then please check out Millie doing more exciting things than I'll ever do in my entire life.

The cutest thing ever.

Charlemagne would be so good at this, gah!   She doesn't like new places the older she gets but she's a climber as evidenced by all the time she spends on the roof.  In our next life, kitty.  Next life.

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