Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mintstachio sounds like facial hair made of ice cream which sounds AMAZING.

You may remember me whining/bitching/informing you that the ModSauce Ranch is a mint green masterpiece but if you don't consider this your clue.  I'd have it repainted but it's vinyl siding so whadya gonna do.  It's a double disaster.  

BUT A DISASTER THAT'S ALL MINE!  *hearts and flowers and mortgage sobs*

I try to not think about that minor detail (the giant swathe of minty real estate that I own) but I'm slowly realizing this probably isn't healthy.  I'm fantastic at ignoring the piles of shit in the corners of my rooms or squeaky hinges that I don't even hear anymore so this is kinda the same thing.  Selective observation should be my superpower.

So in an effort to not only open my mental eyes regarding the house I'll spend a good portion of my life paying for I'm also going to embrace it.  Nay, CELEBRATE it.  Mynt 4 life. Please submit your hashtag options for the mint party.

Fortunately for me mint has been making a comeback beyond the neo-pastel movement of last Spring.  'Mint' is now 'pistachio' and it's refreshingly chic say all the design blogs I don't really read.

Even though I see mint - excuse me, PISTACHIO - in lots of ways it's rarely in the way that would work for me.  But these rooms are not only opening my eyes but making me nod in appreciation and if that tingle down below is any indication actually get excited about my eye sore of a house exterior.  Pistachio ain't all bad, right?  You just gotta love it the right way.

That's what she said.  

top two pics (and see more!) via Elle Decor 
I'm certainly not going to paint anything else mintstachio for gawd's sake but I think it actually kinda works with lots of crisp white and black and warm reddish wood tones.  Good things to think about when I'm thinking about trim and doors and porch accessories and new pets and dress codes for trick-or-treaters and gardening clothes and lawnmower colors and...  

I've also been focusing on planting lots of purple in my garden which seemed to scare people when I told them but look above!  That's some color combo validation if I ever saw it.  Can't wait to text this picture to everyone at the local nursery and Home Depot garden center and those three friends (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) and my mom and...

This room/photo is weird somehow (maybe it's just a real house not a magazine shoot and I'm a dick) BUT it has the same elements - white, black, wood, leather and texture to contrast the green not try to hide it.  It also has even moar shades of green which is the best trick in the book for making a color feel purposeful not weird.  

A friend had an unfortunately pink-tiled bathroom (not the fun kind) so they painted the walls a pale whisper of a blush and it was perfect.  One could be an accident, an obstacle, but there is power in numbers.  Or maybe just a bigger obstacle...  I don't but but the double pink bathroom is cute and in my head emerald makes mintstachio make more sense.

However the green marble above is giving me a bad 80s vibe but we can use our imaginations.  Would have been nice to be able to use my imagination to accept my minstachio green a long time ago but these things can't be forced.  Sometimes Pinterest is the only way.

*whispers* The only way...

Really, what does black, white, warm wood and texture NOT look good with?  Think I'll try to just do that all over my house and then nothing will ever be bad in my life again.  Also, probably something about cohesion or something blah blah blah.

So the moral of this story is that I'm not actually doing anything with these images other than using them as therapy.  Or as the gateway drug to acceptance and celebration of my home's exterior.  Working really hard (in my brain only) to get some solid curb appeal for el Rancho ModernoSauco so be on the lookout for that in 2019.

But before I make some agonizingly slow decisions regarding the exterior of my house I need to show you the inside.  Bedroom next week. For serious!

Have a purposefully minty weekend!


  1. When you say mint, I say julip.

    And mourn the loss of the only plant I have killed *multiple* times at my house. Third time in a charm, I hope.

    1. Mmmhh booze. So weird - mint is one of the few things I actually did okay with! Except for this year so maybe I speak too soon...!

  2. When we moved in to our place, the guest room was painted a color I believe was called "Dingy Despair." We repainted it a suuuuuper light gray and now I don't wish I was dead when I look in there. Colors, they are magic sometimes.

    I think the hashtag is #MINTsterpiece. Or #enchantMINT

    Or maybe in keeping with the impending holiday #MINTstermash

    Or to reflect your new approach to thinking, #enlightenMINT

    1. Color is my life and I do not care who knows it.

      You definitely win the hashtag game - I think I like #enchantMINT or #enlightenMINT best because they'd both be super cute embroidered on a pillow.

      hehe "Dingy Despair"... ; )

  3. My bathroom was previously "Too Much Foundation on a White Girl" and is now a glorious shade Benjamin Moore calls Icing on the Cake, but it's a minty green.

    P.S. Found you through Already Pretty, and I already want to be your best friend.

    1. Haha well hello there and welcome to the Sauce! Glad to meet another like-minded soul. ; )

      Mint icing sounds yummy.