Thursday, September 27, 2012

This makes me exceedingly happy. And mysterious. And feverish. And aroused.

My post-vacation blogging binge I had planned has been curbed due to an oncoming disease of some kind (possibly a sinus infection, possibly Meningitis of my right kidney) and the fact that much of my free time is now spent at the Parks and Rec tumblr.  

I urge you to spend some time their too while I tend to the Quasimodo-like lumps appearing on my neck and under my arms.  They seem friendly.  I'm hoping lots of buttery toast and aloe juice will help.

Or all the bacon and eggs I have.


  1. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. As for your post, it reminds me of a commercial from the early 90s that had a Russian babushka come down a fashion runway three times wearing the same outfit each time: 1) Evening wear 2) daytime wear 3) something I don't recall, but it was all quite droll and funny to see the same ugly matronly gig repeat. Much funnier than skin lumps and bumps. You might be allergic to bad taste. Or classy taste. Hard to tell.

  2. The cooties have roosted here as well. Having West Rocky Spotted Malaria Dengue Nile Fever has given me time to surf the web and find you ill, as well. You know you're in trouble when they start giving flu shots in August, but you poo-pooed the idea. Smart move on my part. Not. Lawd. I wonder what winter will bring? You know, if we even have winter anymore. I dial AL Gore's phone number and all I get is an unhappy ending. Get well soon!

  3. Get well soon!
    (insert clever quip here)