Thursday, July 15, 2010

I would trade you a block of Velveeta for one of these. And I like Velveeta...

So I'm back from my little excursion to the nether regions of civilization.  You have to travel through a couple of worm holes to get to West Texas because it's kinda like 1963 over there.  I think part of my brain is stuck in another dimension and hasn't made it back yet.  Or maybe I'm still trying to digest the large quantities of Velveeta that I ingested.    That's probably it.  It was worth it though - the Velveeta part that is.  The other stuff?  Well we'll get to that in the next post.  But right now I just want to look at some cool stuff because I came to understand the value of small things like a mall within 50 miles, an internet connection and affordable art not bought from the Lilian Vernon catalog.  

Peggy Wolf on etsy via oh joy

Ok look, pink is in this year and I kinda can't help that I like it because I'm a sheep who follows trends an awesome madame on the cutting edge of design.

Know what I like more than pink?  Collages.  And skeleton keys. 

...and bird and animal references,

...and spoons. (SHUT UP! it's not just because they shovel delicious casseroles made with Velveeta into my mouth, it's because they are all design-y and stuff)

...and tattoos and body art.  I'm starting to get obsessed I think.

I'm gonna get a tree of life like this but I'm going to tattoo on my FACE because why the fuck not?  Who needs to look like a normal person in job interviews?!  Also cuz Grandma needs to back up off me and my self-expression!  This is who I AM gawdammit!!!  Spoons and keys and birds and blogs and affordably-priced art that would look super cute if I bought 8 and hung them down my hallway or all grouped together in my dining room over the buffet or maybe in the foyer so it's like a chorus line of fancy art ladies greeting me when I come home from work or after a long "vacation" perhaps stuck in 1963....   


  1. It is 6:10 AM, I can't sleep. I was about to go to bed, but now I must eat something with cheese.

    Good Post. Good Art. Good Gawd I am not starving.

    Welcome back to 2010.

  2. Love them all. My favorite is the one with the spoons. Personally, I like velveeta in nacho cheese sauce over salty tortilla chips.

  3. @Extremely Average Breakfast (or a really really late dinner?) is a perfect time for velveeta.

    @Heather You're a girl after my own salty heart. Thanks for your comment and please stick around for more cheesy goodness. We talk a lot about cheese around here... ;)

  4. It was a late dinner. In fact, it was so tasty, that when I got up at 2:45 pm, from a restful slumber, I had another one.

  5. Used to love making dip with Velveeta and salsa microwaved. How WT is that? Must be accompanied w/Sunday paper and champagne! Eating healthier now. :(

  6. Modern Sauce, you are one of the funniest people I've ever not met, which is saying a lot cuz I love lots o' people. I love to laugh, and you help me do that.

  7. @Cyra Champagne AND Velveeta??!! I like your style. Even if WT. Actually that's my favorite style...

    @AlexandraFunFit Thanks, yo. I like to give your funny bone a workout!!! ahahhahahahahaha! (See what I did there?! I'm so clever.)