Friday, July 30, 2010

Ain't my type of hype.

Fun fact: Kid and the Madame have the same skin color. What's even weirder is that we have the same hairstyle. 

I don't know about y'all but this is exactly what I'm gonna be doing this weekend.  Charlemagne and the Madame are going to have a house party (we're not) and Ima put on my yellow halter-style catsuit that I save for special occasions and she already tightened up her fade.  Seriously she did:

Look at those little boots...  awww...
Don't laugh.  She's very sensitive.  She's also pretty raggedy because after about .5 seconds she was giving the "are you done yet?" stink eye to the tech.    I wanted to introduce her to the world but she told me 'not the face' so be thankful for what you can get.  

I've gotta go practice my hot dance skillz and prepare tons of mediocrity fabulosity for next week.  Ok, really I'm going to grease myself up with bacon fat to fit into the double layer of spanx necessary for the cut-off catsuit.  Fortunately the atomic bomb-sized mushroom cloud spillage from the spanx will be covered by that black patent leather belt.  A true lady never reveals her secrets. 


  1. High-school reunion this weekend! I'm breaking out the Spanx, too.

  2. madame and kim -- a solid stretching routine can prevent 97.4% of all dance related injuries. Please spanx (even though I am a guy and really don't know what that is) safely. regards.

  3. @Kim oh gawd bless you. I'll drink a cocktail (or four) for you. Hopefully the spanx will keep inside the awkward embarrassment of reliving high school memories while you are a total hottie fembot on the outside.

    @jb you're not supposed to know what spanx are let alone that they exist at all! But thank you for the sound advice - I always relied on my smoove rhythmic stylings to prevent injury but I was sorely mistaken. haha - I said "sorely"!!

  4. Whoa, let's just go back to the part about you having that hairstyle. If you are going to the reunion with that hair, you won't have to worry about your Spanx fitting as everyone will be trying to set their cocktails on your head, not looking at your stuffed-in biscuit lady parts.
    I suggest we get all Tweeter friends to learn those dance moves and have a dance-off. Luckily, I know I'd win so I can save you all a lot of time practicing.

  5. Oh is that a threat?! You betta recognize!! It's on like donkey kong...

  6. Not that I'm bragging or anything, but I did break out a few moves from the Thriller video on the reunion dance floor...and there were a lot of us wearing spanx, as we found out via classy cocktail conversation.

  7. Thriller and Spanx bring people together. Oh and booze. Sounds like you had an awesome time!