Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This makes me exceedingly happy.

In honor of Movember, I give you my first REAL crush.  (Don't tell Christopher Reeves. RIP)  Those 4th grade boys really didn't have the sophistication or chest hair that I required. 

Get lost in the 'stache above and next time I'll regale you with the story of my new roof.  Right now I'm busy mourning Heavy D *SOB*,  uncovering the strange completely non-erotic world of homoerotic Lord of the Rings fan art (yes, it is an entire category) and watching Muay Thai videos.  

This is called multi-tasking.  

And since you asked:

You'll have to find your own Muay Thai videos.  I can't do everything for you!

And then you can send them to me so I can watch them.  

It's called sharing, y'all.


  1. The youngsters don't know what they missed. Tom Selleck circa Magnum PI.?The bomb. Love, love, love! Truly the last guy to master the art of short shorts without the creep factor. It's a gift!

  2. Shorts and a Hawaiian shirt?! Formula for disaster but somehow he made it work. Sigh...