Monday, November 14, 2011

I have lots of friends. Friends who enjoy fine towels and kitchen gadgets.

Christmas is coming in about two weeks so I'm getting a head start on all my shopping.  

For my, uhhh... friends.  

*shifty eyes*
Like my friend who's decided to invest in some glass water bottles.  Polycarbonate is "safe," my ass.  I mean, HER!  Her ass.  She is particularly fond of the Takeya water bottle because it's sessy as hell.  It may or may not have won several design awards not that she cares about those kinds of things.  It's not like she even cares about design let alone has a blog about it.  Only crazy people do that...

It might be nice for my friend to have nice filtered water in a GLASS pitcher if such a thing existed.

But wait!
DWR makes this one for under $100 - the ONLY one I could find.  I looked everywhere because I'm such an amazing friend who will go to any lengths to make my friends happy.  However, I'm not sure if louseki stones, fairy kidneys and Binchotan charcoal from the coast of Japan is strong enough to filter out the ridonkulous amounts of estrogen, Prozac and other pharmaceuticals that are in our water supply.  Without a proper filter, our water is going to make us grow another ovary or permanently tweak out - just pick your poison.  

Sometimes that poison is caffeine.  Just like my other friend that wants to ask Santa for a single serve coffee maker.  Perhaps this handsome devil?!

This fat little penguin is tinier (and infinitely more huggable) than the Keurig in case this friend has a brand new kitchen that doesn't need to be cluttered up with ugly gadgets.  It would be nice if there was such a thing as a single serve coffee machine with a GLASS reservoir that used regular grounds instead of pods because that seems so wasteful and I know this friend is probably concerned about the environment and shit.  

I have caring friends. 

With lots of very particular needs.

Like this OTHER friend who can't be happy with normal towels because she's a super high-maintenance bitch and has decided to change to fancy towels.  For her fancy hair.
lots more options on bathstyle's etsy shop
The thin cotton pestemal - a traditional Turkish towel woven to signify the history/origin of its owner that has now been bastardized for American consumption (Now with less ethnicity!  Yummy!) - is what this lady person wants in her stocking.  Why don't you ask me to fly over to Turkey and waste my time on a glorious and exotic shopping excursion just for your Christmas present?!  GAWD!  So selfish this friend is.

It's a good thing I'm so generous with my time and shopping abilities for all my friends.  They are lucky.

And I'm lucky to have such wonderful readers who will be happy to share their favorite single-serve coffee machines with me.  Feel free to write me a letter telling me all about it.  I'll give you my address.

For the, uh... letter.

My friends - who really like caffeine, having the appropriate number of ovaries and the color grey - will really appreciate it.

So get in the holiday spirit y'all!  

For my friends. 


  1. You mean the water in Chattavegas can make dude's grow ovaries?!

    I'm going to have to remember to either not drink the water in the South, or filter it before doing so. That is, after all, a sweet water filtering carafe.


  2. The water in Chattanooga can't (yet) but there are definitely places where estrogen is found in the water supply even after treatment and yes - male fish are showing up with more "female" characteristics.

    Think about all the women who flush old birth control pills!! Tsk, tsk.

    Apparently the only way to break that down is with certain bacteria.

    We'll all be hermaphrodites soon!

  3. See! That's why this blog is so awesome. Science, and Design - just like architecture :)

  4. Thanks, just trying to help out my friends not grow ovaries. ; )