Sunday, January 15, 2012

I think it's time to beat this one-trick pony to death.

There are a few things I'm excited to leave behind in 2011 - many of them are leggings-as-pants jokes and moves that in any way resemble Mick Jagger.  But there is one thing that I hope we can collectively agree to limit this year.  NOT WINE!!  Don't worry.  Nothing as drastic as that.

But seriously...
I  just fell asleep and it had nothing to do with the bed.
I would absolutely fight a Care Bear to the death in the Mad Max Thunderdome to own an actual Mouille lighting fixture but y'all...   It's in eh-vuh-ry room I see on the internet and just because a room has it doesn't automatically elevate it to the status of panty-creaming awesomeness.  The lamp by itself, for sure.  

The space where the couch doesn't meet the wall makes me ill.
These rooms are from a hotel suite designed by fashion designer Azzedine Alaia.  It's in Paris because of course it is.  From the Yatzer article
"The fashion designer’s aim was to achieve a true feeling of a home away from home. It is important to have the luxury of a hotel but at the same time to open the door and feel that you are somewhere familiar and close to you." 
Nothing makes me feel more at home and comfortable than if I've walked into a sterile space filled with pieces fit for a decorative arts museum!  It's mostly because I confuse personality with expensive shopping and as a result am completely sterile on the inside!!!!!

I'm fine if some people like these rooms - they're not for me but all of us are beautiful butterflies of blah blah blah we all have different tastes.  

However, putting something well-crafted into a space does not automatically make the space well-crafted.  It makes it well-curated.  And I guess if you're of the fashion and design elite that is Azzedine's clientele the difference might not matter but it matters to this hillbilly who is drinking a white chocolate martini out of a mason jar because the real glasses were too far away.  (That was some poor space planning when I did the kitchen...)  But I'm watching Downton Abbey so I DO feel fancy enough to comment about other people's interiors.

So can we all agree to not pathologically lose our bloggy shit when we see a space that's only redeeming quality appears to be access to money and an afternoon spent on 1st Dibs?  There ARE other light fixtures out there and I challenge real designers to find them!  

Magazine editors, we're not that stupid!  You can change things up every now and again and we will like it.  I swear.  Well, those other bloggers might...

I make no guarantees about what happens inside the Ranch.  Especially after an extra large mason jar full of booze...

You thought I was kidding, didn't you?


  1. I prefer the Mason jar because I wouldn't cry as much if I broke it as I would for those expensive fixtures. And is it just me, or does that couch look like one of those sand worms from "Dune?"

  2. YES it does. I would be fine if it was a different color - say... white. But damn that's a lot of gross-looking, very VERY expensive beige.

  3. Glad to hear I'm not alone. I'll buy you an imaginary Mouille light fixture for your support!

  4. Seriously, people need tchotchkes, like to live and stuff. There is a balance between chic and barren.

    Also, 'It puts the lotion on its couch, or it gets the hose.'

  5. I can't fall asleep unless my collection of vintage deer statues wishes me good night.

    Also, ahahahahaha!

    So nice of you to stop by, tenderleaf. Snark is always welcome.

  6. What the F is up with that sofa? I mean I've heard of negative space but is the space between the end of the sofa and the wall meant to be like the place you hide the barf bag you threw up in because that sofa was H-I-Deous?! Or is that were the models sleep? With Tic Tacs.

    I think Jimmy Hoffa is hidden in there somewhere.

  7. Ahahahha! Yes to everything you just said. There's actually a dozen models hiding in that room right now! We should have a Where's Waldo of coked out people!