Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween, saucy survivors!

I had a Halloween post written from months ago full of terrifying art and creepy shit so disturbing it'd make your panties curl but I don't feel like being creepy right now.  Maybe I've seen too many sad Sandy picture of people's lives underwater.  Or maybe I've read too many Donald Trump tweets.

For whatever reason, instead of terror you get vintage pictures of ladies with pumpkins.  


All images from Graves and Ghouls.

Obviously people suck at carving pumpkins in olden times.  These things are fucking terrifying.

Of course Vampira did some freaky shit back in the day to some poor unsuspecting punkinheads.

speaking of saucy bewigged ladies, I kinda like Elvira for her blatant....
...hair.  It's all about the hair.

And respect for power tools.  

But sexy costumes aren't a recent occurrence.  Just look at this sexy retro skeleton with "pumpkin" boobs.

Whoa, whoa, whoa saucy lady.  Let's tone it down. 

But if I was going to dress up as a sexy vintage lady with a pumpkin it would end up looking like this 1920's risque trading card:
Sorry it just rained more jizz in your house than Sandy produced in a week.

Happy Halloween, y'all!  

May you be free of damage from drenching rain and jizz storms.


  1. methinks Madame Sunday got into the Halloween chocolate early...3 posts in 3 days...that sugar crash is gonna hurt bad. Maybe shooting pumpkins tonight will cure it!

    1. It's gonna be a rough rest of the week... Better eat more candy!!

      Technically I had those shooting posts written ages ago - finally remembered to post them. I'm a good blogger.

  2. Leave it to you. So funny. Elvira...what a class act. LOVED your post about guns btw.

    1. Elvira's outfit is just my weekend lounge clothes - what's the big deal?! ; )

      Thanks, Michelle! I'm glad you enjoyed my giant memoir!

  3. jes make sure to perform a ritual purge after the binge! The colors! The smell! And make sure when you say my name in your head, you use an English accent "Ah-NON-ah-Muss" 'cause thas how you is 'posed ta say it...