Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sweet and sour is how I like my chicken and my colors.

Sometimes the interwebz shines a rainbow on your sad, pathetic, too-many-salads life and gives you good things like grumpy cat, recipes for butternut squash macaroni and cheese and this: 
via Net-A-Porter
Here's a McQueen peplum top that is so pretty I want to cry but I could never afford or even look good in because I already have a built-in peplum called a 'muffin top.'  It's couture.

I apparently have a thing for the colors 'blush and bashful' as indicated by this post I did earlier this year.  This is not a color I wear so I guess I just need to get it out of my system sometimes courtesy of ye olde blog.  You'll just have to deal with it.  The fact that it's in October which is breast cancer awareness month is just an unintended coincidence.

Or have I been pinkwashed?!

I think I'm safe because I want Ms. Peplum to be friends with this little dude: 
Debra Baxter
Oh, helleerrrrr.  I said I was over neon but I hadn't seen this yet.  

So when my favorite-sock-color-from-1987 becomes friends with Shelby's wedding colors this happens:
From a link that Pinterest told me was sketchy so no idea...
Hhhmm....  I feel unsettled and yet intrigued.  It makes my eyeballs burn a little but I can't stop looking.

Christian Siriano Spring '13 from Stylecaster
Twice on Pinterest in one week? See I'm not that crazy, y'all.  I don't think I'll ever put these two colors near my house or body but the pairing makes me tingle.  And not in a good way, more like the tingles that happen when your foot falls asleep and then takes five minutes to wake up while you try not to limp around too grotesquely in public.  

I should probably be busy crafting some deep and memorable post about chartreuse and Pantone's 2013 color picks but my mind is currently occupied by other things - namely my financial cleanse.  Okay and naps.  Where I dream about butternut squash mac and cheese.  

But my financial cleanse is going well!  Exceptionally well once I realized I forgot to add in an entire paycheck from October so now I can eat next week!

Essentially, I've been drastically reducing my spending and I'm only allowing myself the necessities - no eating out (except two social meals a week - I do need friends, ya know), no shopping other than for pre-approved survival items, no more lunch runs to TJ Maxx just to see what's on clearance because I might need more broken picture frames!, etc.

I'm not thinking of it as wallet anorexia because anorexia isn't healthy but a CLEANSE can be done in a healthful way.  I think.  I've never done a cleanse because that shit seems hard and I don't know how much kale I can eat.  This way feels good and I don't feel deprived - I feel in control of my monies.   All 12 of them.

In fact, because I'm so strong here is a list of things I DIDN'T buy this week even though I really wanted to:

- Latte, latte, LATTES!

- a book about rocks

- Buy 1 get 1 free succulents at the nursery.  That one still hurts.

- New black skinny jeans even though I keep wearing the old ones and hoping no one will notice the hole or that they're grey now.

- A geode I could paint in neon colors. Damn you, Pinterest.  

- Cheese. 

- A practice pistol. (I'm really into pank and guns together it seems...)

- A pistol that shoots cheese sauce...??  I might need to research that just for scienze reasons.

- Fall mums.  My front porch looks so sad.

But I'm "healthy" (especially after I bypassed the cheese) so here are the things I cheated on my financial cleanse for:

- The expensive vitamins.  Surely that's a necessity, right?  My insides are high maintenance.

- Tea at Starbucks with friends.  Well, it wasn't a latte.  DON'T JUDGE ME!

- An iPhone app for stargazing so I could find the meteor shower last week but then I didn't see a gawddamn one. 

- A Vitamin Water.  It was before I bought the vitamins.  I'm such a sucker. 

- This painting:

I found it for $10 at a sidewalk sale outside of my favorite antique mall which I ONLY went to so I could use their bathroom and not shop at all.  I didn't even know about the sidewalk sale before I turned in.  Neon pinkie swear.

I kinda want to reframe it in something simple and not so 1970's-wood-bonanza but I'll have to see how the cleanse feels about it.  Unless you think it's fine as is...??  My cleanse would appreciate it.

Then I could use that reframing money to buy a geode or twelve and paint parts of them in Lisa Frank colors!  It might become a necessity.  

Just like HBO and organic butternut squash.


  1. Yeah, I'm going to try and make this weekend a zero dollar weekend, so if you're up for some porch sitting, let me know!

    1. Porch-sitting is my new favorite hobby! Your yard is gorgeous this season so I bet you're really good at it. ; )

  2. Maybe just paint the frame black? It sure couldn't hurt it.

    1. That's true. I was going to opt for a smaller/simpler black frame but maybe I could try it out this way first. Good idea, Anon!

  3. Not many people could use the words "peplum" and "geode" in one blog and make it work so well. Let's face it. Not many people can use the word "peplum."

    1. Thank you. I be good with vocabulary.

  4. My stargazing "app" is an actual telescope. It's a 6" (mirror diameter) reflecting type. The kind that has the eyepiece on the side of the tube, near the open end (if any of that makes sense).

    It'd be hard to look at a meteor shower with it. But it's great for "deep space" observations. The most awesome observation I've made with it is a ring nebula in the constellation Lyra. If you're curious:

    Stargazing is better than TV if you ask me.


    1. Whoa, whoa, whoa - you obviously haven't seen Homeland.

      I'm trying to SAVE money not buy a telescope! Although seeing some deep space shizz would be pretty cool...

  5. I love that Alexander McQueen top. And only $1,365! I'm going to knit one just like it in black and for less! Good luck with your budget!

    1. It's a bargain, I say!! If you knit one PLEASE send me pics. That would be insanely awesome.

  6. I'm going to say "reframe" so that you don't ruin a geode :) I'm not sure I can forgive you for making me see that neon skirt with that blush top. *shudder*

    1. It hurts now but soon you'll begin to enjoy it. ; )

  7. That blush color is quiet trendy here,do you know how I look in blush clothes... washed.... So, I'm not going to buy that Alexander McQueen thing not only because in trendy poor, but because I will look dead on it.
    oh, love the pinkwashed link! It something I have ask myself more and more each year. Now everything is pink, but I don't see to many talks about donation percents and mammograms! I suffered 10 mammos last september! yeahy oouuuch. I will really apreciate if part of the money will be donated to the search of a different machine that doesn't squeeeeze your melons, lemons into pancakes.

    1. Yeah that color looks better on transparent people. And Pinterest.

      I'm sorry to hear about all your mammograms, Romy! Ugh. I hope you had a clean bill of health after all that. I'm sure women ARE helped by certain "pink-centric" organizations but I want to make sure my money is being given directly to the areas that need it and not 80% of it towards pink tshirts. A different machine to not squeeze your melons would be something I bet a lot of women would donate to!! Hahahaha! ; )