Sunday, November 4, 2012

This makes me exceedingly happy.

Who dat comin up my path?
Here's Charlemagne chillin with some pumpkins on the porch.  I like it when everything matches at the Ranch.  

I'm still balls deep in the Financial Cleanse of 2012 and was pretty stoked about all the extra Benjamins in my bank and then I found myself on the side of the interstate with an overheating car.  Not cool, Saucewagon.  Not cool.

So now I'm expecting to hand over my piles of gold coins that I had been preparing to swim in like Scrooge McDuck.  Thanks for setting me up for failure, Universe.

What I'm saying is... expect a lot more pictures of my cat because I'm too poor to go anywhere.  

Also, I don't have a way to get there...

Even MOAR Instagrammed cat pics on my aptly named tumblr: ModernSauce.  It's 100% porn free unlike the rest of tumblr.  Promise.


  1. Since you brought up porn on tumblr...and it's monday morning, and I'm being a rebel and typing about porn on a work computer...I follow barackobama on tumblr, and a few weeks ago they made an interesting move - they tagged a photo with #fist. **Do not do a tumblr search for fist from a work computer**. The image they posted was of the President fist bumping a janitorial employee at the White House before the last debate. ( They also tagged #fist bump #election2012 #president obama. I thought it was a brilliant way to reach out to a demographic not courted by the conservative nominee. Turns out it was a mistake, and the tag has been taken away. Oh well, the President still gets cool points for having a tumblr that is run by people who get tumblr.

    1. Ahahahaha that's hysterical! Yes, I always seem to be looking for the most boring thing and somehow it always ends in naked people doing terrible things to each other. It's why tumblr is so popular probably... ; )

  2. Oh bummer! That always seems to happen. Learn a lesson here, spend like there is no tomorrow. Sheesh.

    1. Yeah fuck the cleanse! Spend like there's no tomorrow!