Monday, December 3, 2012

Right now: glitter crafts. Next year: concrete mural.

Y'all, I'm balls deep in some glittery Christmas crafts this year and my schedule is bananas.  Bananas are actually the ONE thing I'm not covering in glitter to put on my tree.  

Wait... do y'all think that would be cute?  Cuz now I'm kinda feeling a Velvet Underground might add a little something to the tree...??

Imagine in gold sequins with black glitter... It could be awesome, just sayin.

Anynanners, I was on Pinterest for MOAR GLITTER and  saw this wall and it literally* made me set all my Christmas crafts on fire because it was so beautiful. 

This is a mural by Constantino Nivola in the Olivetti showroom in NYC in 1954 and I want to rub myself against it something fierce.  Like, close the curtains and back away slowly and shut the door on your way out and give me half an hour kind of fierce.

Right now I'm having a temper tantrum in the middle of that beautiful floor because of the awesomeness.

I couldn't tell what the fuck they're selling in this showroom so I used my advanced google fu honed from years of design blogging and finding new Grumpy Cat pictures and found out that Olivetti made typewriters and shit.

Well, excuse me while I get my hair done teased up real nice and put on my Joan dress and pour myself a stiff drink.  
Fuck your Apple stores and Genius Bars - this is a real showroom!

The Pinterest board where I nabbed most of these images was nice enough to provide a few other Nivola pieces and I love him even fiercier now.

It's like looking at a self-portait of myself...!!  But one that's also a butt or maybe a crotch but with nipples.  Or are they eyes?  Either way I would hug that rull hard.  Don't know what that says about me...  Lesbian?  Egomaniac?  Lesbi-lunatic?

I guess this is the man version of my butt portrait up there.  I love it too.

And here's the family pet!  

Here's a sand sculpture that could possibly be an artifact that has been in a pirate ship at the bottom of the ocean for 300 years.  THAT'S the kind of art I like - if you can't tell if I stole it from pirates or paid millions of dollars for it at an auction house/junk store.

And just because it's cool here's everyone's favorite architect Le Corbusier wearing some daisy dukes and admiring his own sand sculpture that he made at the Nivola compound because the Nivola family is so fuck awesome I just cried sand tears.  It hurt but was worth it.  

Check out a ton of other pictures about the Nivola (and Corbu) over at Mondo Blogo because of course this stuff came from there.  

You'll have to do your own research because I just literally* (see above) set my Christmas ornaments on fire now have some catching up to do.  For baby Jebus.

Glittery dry humps to you all!

*not literally


  1. Holly F... mural Batman! I can imagine Mr architect and Mr Olivetti talking, MrO - OMG look that space there, that wall is huge and so empty! MrA - We could hang some kittens pictures!, Then Mr Nivola appears and POW he creates this piece of Sh..t (good sh.. you know). I can believe I didn't recognize the Olivetti brand, before there were (home & personal)computers there was Olivetti ....Back then, you didn't own a writing machine you owned AN OLIVETTI. Good memories ... ahem ... form my childhood!

    1. I love "you didn't own a writing machine you owned AN OLIVETTI." Writing machine! Ahh they don't make them like they used to.

      Can you imagine something like this going into a current showroom? I'd set those kitten pictures on fire!!

  2. Yes! I fucking love that you did a whole post on the mural. I saw it but was too Pinterest-overwhelmed to truly focus & give it the attention it so richly deserved. I'm off to google stalk his work now.

    This may be one of your greatest sentences: "THAT'S the kind of art I like - if you can't tell if I stole it from pirates or paid millions of dollars for it at an auction house/junk store."

    Also, I laugh at you for not knowing what an Olivetti is. You thought they sold Italian gigolos, didn't you?

    1. I love this thing so much! Worth your google time!

      Um... where can I get an Italian gigolo?! 1-900-Olivetti??