Monday, March 17, 2014

Faux fur: when your room needs more implied violence!

I've been digging deep in my Pinterest archives lately for a little bed inspiration.  I call this the very important 'research portion' of my redo.  [MS sidebar: Now accepting government grants for continued research and future implementation.]  I'm probably not going to do all new bedding mostly because I prefer simple bedding like white on white on off-white and I have plenty of that.  Also, budget.

During this UNFUNDED research portion of my work, I noticed a bedding theme that I thought I might be able to accomplish with minimal wallet pain...

B&B Italia's Selene bed
90% of the images that made me tingle had apparently just come back from a hunting expedition.  I may have to jump on the faux murderous bandwagon and get some faux fur for my murderous green bedroom.

It makes sense with the theme.

Fakery and violence?

via PopSugar
Although I have a feeling that some of these people aren't faux murdering...  super sads.

Ivanka Trump's apartment in Elle Decor
Something about fur makes you go big - big art, big windows, big... twigs?  You have to prove exactly how big your bank account and ego is using everything else in the room otherwise the fur just looks like a rabid wolf broke into your room then deflated at the foot of your bed.



But I don't have a big bank account or ego so that's how my bed will look...

via Vogue a sexy deflated wolf.

NZ House and Garden via The Aestate
I can't think of anything more opposite of what my room will look like than this shiny, mirrored thing above.

This feels a lot more manageable.  However, it does look a bit like I skinned a flock of Charlemagnes for my bed which is the kind of morbidity I draw the line at.

White looks really good with Bridget Bardot and peacocks but not for me.  Also, I bought one of those white faux sheepskins from IKEA a few years ago and although it looked good at first (before yellowing...) it really highlighted how dirty and not-white Charlemagne is.  Filthy little glam beast.

via Apartment Therapy
So I'll stick with a color I think.

Started doing a little lite shopping and found a few good options.  Faux fur is everywhere but a decent looking one that doesn't look like a shiny swath of Z Gallerie pubic hair is harder to find than you think.

Champagne close up
I don't think you can really tell about fur without seeing and feeling it in person but this option from Amazon seems not terrible.

All the colors seems nice but that stair rail is so distracting I can' t see straight.

This bed isn't helping either...

Kitt Fox

Platinum Frost
They come in two size - 58x60 for $99 and a 58x84 for $141.  Looks like the items - 58x60 and 58x84 - are also at Overstock for a bit more money (but it's always good to see the reviews).

The McMansion where they shot this entire campaign is making me rethink this whole thing...

photographed by Sam Levin
But then I remember Bridget and how I'll look exactly like this* and I know I'm making the right decision.  

If I can afford it.  Pretty sure I can buy a new duvet and sheets (possibly two) for the price of one fur blanket.  But I've really committed to this theme so...


  1. Once when Hub & I were hiding from a storm, we stumbled on the fur coat section of Lord & Taylor. We went from, "Gawd, who would wear this stuff?!" to rubbing our faces on those murder pelts faster than you can say self-righteous meat eaters.

    Also, dead cat blanket = not awesome, but living cat blanket? Just a sea of Charlemagnes stitched (happily) together would be...great? Creepy awesome? Nightmare fuel? I don't know.

    1. I've been silently drifting towards the vintage clothes/fur section of antique stores just so I can play in the furs. That way I'm not ACTUALLY killing an animal, ya know?! Does that logic still work? Sigh... I don't know...

      Sea of Charlemagnes sounds awesome!