Thursday, January 22, 2015

This makes me exceedingly happy.

There is a slim - we're talkin' Spanx on Spanx on Spanx slim - chance I'm going to get to redo my office at work.  I'm trying not to get too excited about forces beyond my control.  If I can't get my day space redone then maybe it's time to get my home office looking legit.  Not that I really use it but I'll FEEL more productive and that's all that really matters.  

Either way, there will be some useless paperclips put into a stylish home sometime soon, gawddammit.  I must corral the office supplies.  Sweet, sweet, useless office supplies...

While looking around for fun office ideas I stumbled across this little desk/nook/bill-paying station and think it's pretty much perfection.  Like Wes Anderson's accountant works here.  The lighting, the reclaimed wood that's not from a pallet, the mix of art and materials, the industrial tape dispenser, the faux (?) marble top...  it's all perfect. Right down to the trash can.  

Funnily enough I HAVE a trash can very similar!  The can itself is brass but maybe it needs some spray paint...?  I dunno, 'live and let live' has always been my philosophy regarding trash receptacles.  

I also have a trophy... because I'm a winner!  (It was an ironic trophy but I'm still a winner because it has my name on it.)  

I'm pretty sure my final space wherever it is won't look anywhere near as cool as this but it's okay.  I have that ironic trophy and that's all that really matters.  

This space is home of owners of Schoolhouse Electric in Portland.  The whole house is great but don't mind me, I'll just be right here making sculptures out of useless paperclips and industrial tape.

Because I'm a winner.


  1. Organized office supplies is the ultimate definition of style!

    1. Going school supply shopping was my FAVORITE time of the year so this is gonna be my jam!

  2. That effing better be imitation marble! If it isn't I will burst into tears like a toddler (they cry over everything, this morning there were tears because no toast until you finish the 1lb bowl of Kix you poured yourself, I'm not made of bread products, young lady!).

    I have to say I kind of hate-love it. On the one there's everything wonderful: brass, marble, distressed wood, vintage, modern. On the other hand: fuck you and your perfection. So there's that.

    1. I was curious about the marble too but I kinda think it might be contact paper, ya think? The edge looks really sharp for marble... IDK but if it IS contact paper I think I love this even more!

      Mmmmhhh... 1 lb bowl of Kix...