Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Damn dirty apes have to take a bath somewhere.

I'm politically hungover from the debate on Tuesday night so we're keeping it simple today.  SIMPLY JUNGLE.
Designed by Ana Donahue and photographed by Michael J. Lee from the Junior League showhouse in Boston. 
I'm aesthetically allergic to many of the things in this bathroom: that wallpaper I've always hated (sorry design bloggers), upholstered pieces in a tiny bathroom and putting purple and green together.  But after I saw this bathroom on Pinterest I lost my shit today.  I can't stop staring at it.  I want a bathroom with a jungle up top.  It's like the mullet of walls - business down low and jungle party upstairs.  A reverse Brazilian.  

Except you can trash every single accessory in the foreground and that plant on the left.  You have jungle wallpaper, for chrissakes, you can cut that shit out.

However, if there was a Tarzan-like man hanging out in that tub then you can keep your shitty accessories because I'd be too distracted.  I must have jungle men in loincloths on the brain after recently seeing the poster for the new Tarzan movie coming out next year with your least favorite sparkle-dicked vampire, Kellan Lutz.  However, he might be perfect for that roll because there is very little dialogue for a character raised by apes and based on the Twilight movies I think Kellan might have ape brain.

My favorite Tarzan movie and the only one of any value as you can tell from the exceptionally long title is 'Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes' from 1984 starring Christopher Lambert, Andie McDowell and a lot of sexual grunting noises that in no way affected my young, impressionable mind.

Between Beastmaster, Greystoke and Conan the Barbarian I saw a lot of loincloths in the '80s.  Good for a girl under 10.  

But for me there can be only one.  (Highlander joke!)

Um... was this was supposed to be about a bathroom?  I can't seem to remember...  political hangover and all.



  1. yezzzzzz...Tarzan with a French accent...oui,oui

    1. It would blend well with my Southern accent. Just sayin...

  2. Bathroom, what Bathroom?, all I can see is Christopher Lambert and his tiny loincloth. I remember watching that movie when I was 11? 12?, well I was so young, and then I watched again this year, from an entirely different perspective ;)Who knew that grunting could be so sexy?

    1. I think it might be time to rewatch that movie too. For a different perspective... ; )

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