Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You can't make art without a little hoarding. So says A&E. And the internet.

Oxford Tire Pile #8 Westley CA by Edward Burtynsky from here

Doris Salcedo installation of over 1600 chairs from here

Streaming Books by Alicia Martin in Spain

Am I phoning it in today because I had to get my hair did or am I presenting a concise visual narrative whose brevity stands in stark contrast with the excess, consumption and waste represented in the images themselves? 

Y'all decide while I go inspect my summer highlights.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

This makes me exceedingly...happy?/happy!

*Found this on Twitter and decided to show it to you because #1 it's awesome and #2 now my previous post with a satirical remark about foreigners is not the first thing new readers might see.  So I decided to post something less controversial like this redesigned Catholic Church and vandalized Panton chairs.  It's genius!!  It's blasphemy!! (the chairs not the church)*

Luck be a corvid tonight.

The epic battle between Madame Sunday and Mother Earth continues...  After the flood of rain yesterday that I know was sent to drown me a murder of crows descended upon my yard to eat to warn me of my impending death.  Even Charlemagne was more nervous than excited by a thousand crows in her front yard.  But alas the greater power prevailed and it looks like I might recover: I put on pants today!  Tomorrow - world domination.

Other than their possible foreshadowing of my own death I like crows.   They feel traditionally folk, morbidly goth and graphicly modern which are all of my favorite things.  Our culture sees corvids as scary and gross but other cultures see them as a sign of good luck.  Foreigners are so weird.  Wait...  Maybe those thousand crows on my lawn are actually a sign of a huge windfall that is coming my way!  Foreigners you are so smart!!   

I'm gonna to try and make some of my own luck...

Picasso's Woman with a Crow 1904

For the record I was never the kind of smart goth who liked this kind of black bird:

I liked this kind:

So don't expect me to wax poetic about ravens and depressed Victorian dudes.  Don't really expect me to wax poetic about anything right now because one of my prescriptions makes me stupid.  No really.  That last sentence took me an hour to write.  

Sure, why not.

why do crows look so good in collage form?
All images from the tumblr blog fuckyeahcrows.  I think the sole reason for tumblr's existence is to force hipsters to put all their awesomely weird shit into an organized space so I can look at it.

Gawd I love this room.  But without the art...?  Nowhere near as good.

Charley Harper's Crow in the Snow

Eames House Bird at Hive Modern

I love you Anthropologie but $650??  Go fuck yourself.

Death Cab for Cutie album cover probably inspired by this...

Jeremy (Dom Deluise) from The Secret of NIMH
Because nothing is relevant to me unless I can relate it to some 80's childhood memory or useless piece of pop culture.  Preferably both.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mother Nature wants me dead.

Everyone's all up in Earth's ass today (they're still high from Coachella and 4/20) but I've been a prisoner of my couch all week with little human contact because Mother Nature is a punk-ass bitch and gave me an upper respiratory and omigodithurtstobreathe infection probably from spending the day communing with NATURE and my fellow liberals at the art festival last weekend.  Well I guess Mother Nature was all "communing/fucking" with my ability to breathe.  I could be Earth's drug mule with all the pollen powder that went into my lungs.

So I'm not going to post any pretty pictures of the beautiful bounty of nature because I'm kinda bitter and pissed off probably due to the roid rage from my steroid shot today.   I'm posting the opposite.  INteriors.  Yeah...

Desire to Inspire introduced me to Spanish interiors mag Nuevo Estilo today and even through my crusty eyes I could see that this shit was special.
When was the last time you've seen a Barcelona chair look so good?  If you say you're own living room I'll punch you in the face.  Maybe that's just roids talkin...

I'm gonna do something nice for earth today alright...  I'm recycling all my used kleenex!  hahahahahaha!  You gave me this mucus Mother Nature and you're gettin it back bitch!

Hey what's up with that chair's...  Sssshhhh.  Don't ask questions.  Just look.

Straight-up library porn.  There are silhouettes on lampshades.  I just had a decorgasm.

I've barely done dishes in three days because standing makes my skin crawl.  I ate lunch (cinnamon toast) on a marble cheese plate.  It actually made it quite fancy.  Who's the classy winner now Mother Nature?

That arch is the most impressive and awe-inspiring thing I've seen this entire week.  I think my lungs are clearing just by looking at it.


Well played Mother Nature.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ModernSauce: Elevating the discourse on design since 2009.

If my math is correct that last post was ModernSauce's hundredth or millionth or something.   I think that makes Madame Sunday an official blogger now and not some hack with internet access and a pointless dream.  HOLLA!!  I'm totally gonna put it on my resume now.  I don't know what job I would apply for where this would be part of my "accomplishments" section but I think we can agree that would be an awesome job because it probably involves playing on the internet and making stupid jokes about Willy Wonka's semen and failing miserably at home improvement.  I think that I could totally be VP of Fabulosity of that job.

Being that I'm a professional now I figured I should officially let you know that I'm on Twitter too.  Self-promotion makes me want to vomit so I hate even talking about this but I actually enjoy tweeting much more than I thought I would. Or you could just read my tweets on the widget I installed over there on the right.  Whatever.
I know - it's all so weird and redundant.  I do tweet when I post new things and also other things that are going on at ModernSauce that are stunningly awesome.  Or not.  It's a crapshoot really.

And after a very long existential debate I finally decided to get on Facebook.  For some reason I think Facebook is going to steal my soul much like Native Americans and other aboriginal peoples think mirrors and photographs will steal theirs.  However Madame Sunday's account name was rejected because obviously Facebook can't handle this amount of fabulosity.  I think that's the universe telling me enough is enough.  Fine by me, Universe.  If somehow you are dying to be a fan of a ModernSauce page let me know, otherwise you'll somehow have to find the strength to go on knowing that we aren't Facebook friends.

So cheers to a hundred posts of, well, nothing really and cheers to a billion more!  Maybe one day I'll learn code to make this page prettier - until then it's boring Minima...  

Thanks to all my friends and readers for the support and all the fellow bloggers I stalk read for inspiration.  You make this conversation I'm having with my self seem waaay less crazy.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

These collages make me hon-gray! (for kitsch)

Our annual Chattavegas art festival happened this weekend.  It was full of white people with lots of disposable income eating cuban sandwiches and drinking white wine while carting around their tow-headed kids.  It's what constitutes 'culture' where I live.   But the weather was perfect, my cuban sandwich tasted delicious and to me a Sunday full of art, ethnic food and wine at 3 pm is the church I worship at.

While Mr. and Mrs. Whitey McMiddleclass were busy buying $3000 hand-carved teak side tables and 6'x6' paintings of tulips I was drawn to another booth.  Behold the one-of-a-kind collages of Teresa Peterson.
Bird Homes book for sale at Lulu

It's like she made a scrapbook of my drunken fantasies.  

Yes I fantasize about paint-by-numbers and pies!  DON'T YOU JUDGE ME!!!!