Thursday, August 5, 2010

Well played unoriginal and impulsive hipsters. Well played.

I was really bored inspired one day this past winter and drew this:

This whole post is just to show you my mad Photoshop skillz.
I only did it so I could make some lame 'bluffin with your muffin' joke that was really relevant at the time but the whole thing was so boring I fell asleep before I could fin...zzzzzzzzzz.  

And then I saw this today:

That tattoo is for like ever.  Suck on that mindless design groupies!  ahahahahahaha!!!


  1. In about 20 years, all you'll see is the crown.

  2. The text will be a pleasant (or possibly mood-killing...) surprise during intimate moments.

    Thanks for gracing the Sauce with your glamorous presence Raina! Special treat today!

  3. It's "very revealing" (puns are my favorite) that a slogan from 1939 could be relevant these days.

    From a design perspective if the woman's so bold as to get a tat' on (or near) her breasts, to take a pic' of it (and her bare breasts), and to post that pic' on the freakin' internet, why worry about modesty?

    It's like having a compelling design (read message), and mucking it all up with some superfluous detail no?

  4. I'm still laughing about this. All day. Laughing. Thank you! Great way to mess up a perfectly nice set of boobs, though, huh?

  5. @Izzy - Forget the eyes, it's the nipples that are really the windows to the soul thus it's very important to protect them. And highlight them with words of encouragement and a give them the royal treatment.

    @Tammy - I'm laughing too but not in a 'haha' way more of an 'aww... I bet her parents didn't give her enough attention' kind of way. And yeah, nice boobs kinda ruined. Sadness.

  6. Totally impressed with your photoshop skills. I have to say, tatoos these days. What happened to getting a butterfly on your ankle?

  7. Tattoos are the new inspirational billboard I think - if you don't enlighten, inspire or motivate with your ink then what's the point??!! And thanks for recoginizing my amazing PS skillz Heather - I don't like to brag too much here on the blog, ya know. ; )