Friday, September 3, 2010

Learning GrrAnimal

Last week while the Madame was perusing the blogs of my betters I read a post from Coffee With An Architect about Jack Kerouac's writing of "On the Road."  Of course I've never read that book because that would make me infinitely cool and I prefer to stay pleasantly mediocre.  Also I heard it was hard.  Aaaanyway, I learned me something cool because Jack typed the book on paper taped together to form one long giant scroll.  Pretty badass.  What's even more badass is that I happen to have a psuedo-scroll of my own but it has yet to change people's lives or make any money.  

Until now!  Because I can't seem to give up the past love reminiscing I agreed to post my scroll in the spirit of blogger solidarity.  BEHOLD!!!   *cue angels singing*

Fuck meh
Part of my senior treatise from ye olde ID school.  It's almost 11 feet of... well... nothing.  I spent awhile just writing and sketching about my project and living in fantasy land where that stuff matters in real life because what is school if not fantasy land?  My purpose was to design a big space that was entirely out of my range of skillz so I picked an interactive science museum.  Gawd, even typing that makes me the biggest lameass ever.  But I did get to tour a bunch of kids' museums, play in giant ball pits and check out planetariums (like at the Rose Center in NYC) so who's the lameass now huh??!!!  (Spoiler alert: it's still me)   

Unfortunately I had to cut the scroll from the rest of the roll of trash because I needed that paper for other more immensely important things like making tissue paper collages and sketching fantasy floorplans for the ModSauce Ranch. 

The first three feet or so is just me "writing" about what it means to really 'learn' things, exploring phenomenology, probably a few mentions of god, gestalt and a multitude of other self-indulgent bullshit .  You know, things I was really qualified to discuss and find a design solution for in 2 months at the age of 21.  *eyeroll*  

Most of the scroll was programming and sketching and conceptualizing which are really the only things I was good at in ID.  And even then it was kinda iffy...  But I did come away with some winners like these completely useless sketches:

Yeaaaaaah.  Bow chicka bow wow. *wiggles eyebrows* Look at that alley-thing with the uh... weird shading and... no point... and... oh gawd this is going to be really bad.

BOOOYAH!!!!  Fuckin "spirals." (?)

OMIGOD I CAN HARDLY STAND IT!!!  IT'S ANOTHER SPIRAL!!!!  Did I just blow your mind?!?!!!

??????  Ok I do like this one because it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and for some reason I wrote 'Learning Animals' on top because it's a quote I probably read somewhere and it sounds deep. It IS a science museum after all!!  

But it's probably true - we're all a kind of learning animal.  I think I just happened to be a learning GrrAnimal at the time as evidenced by my childish attitude, enormously giant chip on my shoulder and the fact that I ended my college education in a fort.  Peace love and non-pants FTW!!  

I also ended my college education with these beauties: 

Yep.  Four years of education culminating in half-assed sketches of my interior thanks to senioritis.  Grrr indeed.  

While looking at the scroll of love I did happen to uncover a few more embarrassing winners from school...

Sadly, this headless and footless girl might be the best thing I've ever drawn.  Think I'll stick with my day job.

Jewelry and metalworking.  My true calling!!!   


I should lose a finger for even drawing this.
Ok this one's reaaaly embarrassing.  A poorly conceived chair that ahem.. may or may not have been inspired by 'Alice in Wonderland's' white rabbit....  Yea.  BUT then I saw this one day:

Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa's Rabbit chair from here
AHA!  Maybe I'm just horrible at marketing.  (ok and furniture design...)

Let's get back to what I like best - random sketches and pointy fabulosity.  As Jody pointed out it's just a long seamless burst of creativity until the paper runs out.  And I do like to doodle...  I might even learn something along the way.  Grrrrrr.


  1. Who would have thunk the madame actually has a past? I thought she was born from caticorns and pixie dust, in the year two thousand aught nine . . . (boy, and I thought my smartass was on low today) --

    no really, Straight up! . . . Love this post. . .!!!

    Feel free to "Get your learn on" around me anytime!

  2. My crush on the Madame may be moving into an uncomfortable phase. A hey-whos-that-out-in-my-bushes kind of phase. I apologize, in advance for the restraining order you'll need to file.

    Best post yet, friend!

    "shut-up and blog!"

    : ) Jody

  3. @jb - Well technically the madame WAS born in 2009. But it was kinda like how Gandalf became Gandalf the Grey. Wow... I think I have to give up my fabulosity card for making a Lord of the Rings reference.

    @Jody - I don't feel important unless I have a stalker at all times. Thanks for the constant inspiration! Bloggers unite!

  4. A vector, of recurring vectors... (thinking)... nope, for a second there I thought I might be on to something witty - though it does make ME chuckle a bit :)

    It's looking like any architect/designer blogger worth their mettle (myself included) is going to have to "ante up" and post some work they did when they thought they had all the answers (which of course they did have).

    Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  5. Such a cool post!

    Sadly I must agree with Jody. I feel that my fondness for you is going to result in a lengthy period of stalking. I may have to try to build your a sign of my undying devotion...and to get ahead of Jody!

  6. You know, Jody inspires me too. I actually wrote a haiku the other day at his blog's behest. Now I want to dig out my old school stuff too, but alas, I through it all out about 10 years ago (the closets were bursting). I did photograph a few things before I threw them out, but they are unpublishable and not nearly as endearing as your lovely spirals. :-)

    You continue to inspire me with hilarity and all your weird ankh jewelry designs, Gandalf references(!)and acid-trippin' chairs. Love this post! And I'm really digging the wood floors holding up your trash paper past too.

  7. Extremely Average - I'm still waiting on my religious bookshelf. You're a horrible stalker!!! ; )

    Tammy - "trash paper past" is quite possibly the best thing I've ever heard!! No shame about your own trash paper past - there is a lot of even MORE embarrassing things that I didn't post (if that's possible). It tickles me trashy that someone as full of fabulosity as yourself is inspired by the madame! Think I'll head on over and check out your haiku right now... ; )

  8. Izzy - sorry, I seemed to have overlooked your comment earlier! Of course we knew everything back then! That kind of confidence can only come from ignorance. ; ) Your thinking vectors make me chuckle a bit too... have fun reminiscing with your trash paper past as Tammy has named it! Share it with the world!

  9. I can't believe Brian and Jody threw me over just because you are more fabulous (and on a medically supervised high-alcohol diet). They're both probably hiding right now in one of your forts.
    I once pasted together some paper to make a ten-foot long scroll to explain why teens are so cool. No-one believed me anyway. Maybe I should have written something on it....
    Love your post. Can I be like you when I don't grow up?

  10. Well being me is full of drunk fabulosity but there ARE lots of stalkers... your choice. Thanks Alexandra!