Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm starting with the Madame in the mirror.

In an effort to stop tripping over my shoes give back to the world I had planned to do a massive closet purging soon.  How many vintage tshirts from the thrift store do I really need?  If I've kept a shirt since middle school does that count as vintage chic or just lame?  

Anyway after looking at the following pictures (via Mint) I really need to think bigger.  Much bigger...

Two artists (inspired by Peter Menzel apparently) have photographed families at home with all of their posessions out front. 

I basically own a smattering of shit and the ModSauce Ranch is one step up from a squatter's house with nicer curtains.  Or that's what it feels like...  The Madame has a few chairs, a table, a bed and a lot of shoes and purses I don't even use regularly (ok and a 2000 square foot house for one girl and a cat, a giant tool shed, a storage room of at least 10 boxes of Christmas decorations, extra dining chairs, a refridgerator box full of linens and 2 full sets of china because I'm a COLLECTOR!)  So I'm sure if I actually put all of my possessions on the front lawn in my head it would look like the above picture but in reality it would look like an episode of Clean House and Hoarders made sweet sweet love and shat out a messy baby of vintage furniture, cheap clothes and romance novels books about philosophy.  But then Niecy Nash could be its mom so that would be cool and worth it.  Somehow I don't think she would judge the excessive amounts of eyeshadow own.  They're called PRINCESSITIES!!

I own more types of shampoo than these people have corn cobs.  Time to reevaluate my scalp situation...

FYI this really is what China looks like.



Satellite dish + yert = automatic blog.  Fuck yeah Mongolia!!

I've gotta go have a quick chat with the Madame in the mirror and then open up that medicine cabinet and make some tough decisions about a few dozen bottles of lotion.


  1. Princessities? The entertainment value of that one word excuses you from all your highly obvious flaws (i.e., inability to spell "refrigerator"). I think you still have that shirt from middle school because you only graduated a few years ago, right? So it isn't yet a classic - it's a dream. A dream that you'll one day return to middle school and score a hot date with your math teacher. Or the sub who taught PE one time and might have almost looked at you! Please put all your shoes, linens, china and purses outside. I'll be right over. You can keep the cat and decorations 'cause I'm just thoughtful that way. Meow.

  2. yeah, yeah, yeah - I suck at spelling and math. I'll stop there because I like to focus on the positive things like thinking about that PE teacher who DID look at me, HE DID!!!! All my extra crap can be yours for the low low price of a few boxes of wine and your SOUL!!!! Mwahahahahaha!!

  3. I remember when that book came out. Still wish I had bought it then. Maybe they'll do another. The difference between the families in most of the world (think satelite dish and lots of corn cobbs) and the basic suburban American family (more shit than you can imagine) was disturbing, even to me, and I'm a serious capitalist.