Sunday, February 10, 2013

Saucy things we missed while I was eating soft pretzels

Apparently getting your blog mojo back requires a few false starts...  I'm going to blame an extended blog blackout on Beyonce's thighs.  We're all powerless against them.

Since we haven't had a good Girls-worthy witty convo in so long I thought we could recap all the highlights from the last few months.  Other than the fiscal cliff.  

The most exciting things that happened to me involved a lot of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes, some soft pretzels I had a few weeks ago that I still think about and a new pleather motorcycle jacket. 

But I guess if we're talking important global news then we have to first acknowledge the sad passing of architect Oscar Niemeyer at 104.  Oscar really knew how to work his way around concrete and for that deserves a special place in my vag tunnel of love (that's made of concrete).

Alvorada Palace, home of the Brazilian president 
And even though I didn't actually research anything for this blurb, I think concrete-loving, Modernist Oscar was the guy who said he broke from traditional Modernist beliefs to give buildings curves just like the Brazilian women from his home country.  *eyeroll*  And then he built this:

Brazilian National Congress
Aaaaand now I have yet another body image issue to deal with.  RIP Oscar, you talented and most-likely-but-hopefully-not creepy pervert.

In other unsurprising and sad design news is that Target is being sued (AGAIN) for copying the work of a designer.
via LA Times
The Target bookend on the left is obviously stolen from Annabel Inganni's Wolfum bookend on the right because everyone's favorite bargain bullseye has long run out of ideas regarding bookends, safari animals or anything else you think is cute at Target because it is probably a stolen idea from someone else.  

Speaking of other large corporations devoid of soul, Pantone picked Emerald as their color of the year for 2013.  

Seth Engstrom's concept art for Dorothy of Oz. Thanks to a smart commenter!
It's the news that spawns a thousand mediocre mood boards and I feel like this may require further discussion at a later date.

On to something that's more pleasing to the eyes, Steve Carell looks like this now:

Alex Karpovsky is still my #1 but excuse me brb need to go to Target and buy (hopefully not copied) new underwear...

In other hottie news, check out Bill Nye's house tour on WSJ:

It's the cutest thing I've ever seen.  It has a bunch of solar panels and shit but I don't give a fuck because BOW TIES.

And even though I could post hippie house tours from now til the end of eternity - whenever omnipotent Beyonce says that is - I try to limit y'alls exposure to hobo houses on ye olde saucy blog.  

However, if you have a hankering for a train ride to hipstertown check out this great place on Design*Sponge:

I have a lot of crystals and succulents that would work well in this space.

Speaking of our High Priestess of the Lace Front (I don't know what that means), I'm in love with this tumblr dedicated to creating color palettes from Bey photos.

It's like Design Seeds but sadder and only for gay boys and me.

And finally, while I was away this blog turned three years old.  


I had no idea three years ago when I started writing about ninjas and unicorns that I'd be here three years later writing about ninjas and unicorns.  Maybe it's time to find a new shtick.

In the meantime I'll continue to write rambling and disjointed pseudo-essays about my life and it's tangential and codependent relationship with Design.  

So thanks for reading and following and commenting and tweeting and just plain old being my internet friends.  Because we are friends.  Whether you know it or even want it we are definitely friends so why don't you return my texts more often gawddammit?!

I would share my soft pretzels with you.  Because friends help friends find Steve Carell lookalikes.


  1. Seth Engstrom as the Emerald City artist?

    1. YES! You're awesome. Google image search was a bust.

      Thanks. ; )

  2. Thnaks for the picture from Desiogn Sponge. 13 years ago we sold everything (almost) and have been full timing in an RV. My sister is guarding my chandelier - If we ever get a house it will be in an RV park. I want to put the chandelier in it, my husband thinks I am nuts - I have started collecting pictures for ammunition - this one is now #1 - every once in a wile could you please give in to the urge to post hobo houses? Thanks

    1. Oh that is so awesome! I would put the chandelier IN the RV but I'm weird like that. I like a bit of glamour everywhere if you can.

      And I won't be so shy about hobo houses. Your wish is my command! Happy campering. ; )

  3. As always, you crack me up with your quick and associative mind! I don't know a thing about design, but I do know a unicorn when I see one! Happy blog birthday! Doesn't that deserve a swig of gallo or something?

    1. I took a few swigs of a lot of things but thank you!

      And you really don't need to know anything about design to read this blog. Even *I* don't know anything about design so we're cool.

  4. Nice post, nice wit, nice anniversay...Miss 3 Years Blogging.

  5. Steve is one of the few people whom I believe looks better with a beard. I wonder how that emerald dress would look on him?

    1. Probably pretty damn hot but I'm a fan of Eddie Izzard so...

  6. F####ck Steve is hot ... which is something awkwardly weird to say as my brother look a lot like him, and I'm talking about watching "date night" and look the tv then at my brother, then the tv again and then my brother again ...and my whole family saying something like: "OMG you look like SC! OMG" and now every time we watch a movie with Steve, we turn our heads around and give each other that "He does" look! actually I found it out by accident once I was googling SC pictures and the was a small on and I though "wtf is my brother picture doing there and open it and WHATTHEF###K SC! ok long commet, but I want to also say that the silver and bearded SC gets the less my brother looks like him so GOOOD for you Steve! ... and for me as I don't feel so creepy now.. oh and happyblogbirthday !

    1. Ha! I'm glad that you can now enjoy the silver foxiness of the SC! And I'm a bit jealous of your family. ; )

      Thanks for the birthday wishes and reading and commenting and just generally being cool!

  7. Unicorns and phallus' palaces! It must be an anniversary! Squeeeeeeeeeee!