Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Swirl, tap and buff probably means something different to Jonathan Adler

In case you had some extra money laying around that you weren't using I present to you this:

It's like 2003 exploded on your face with the Jonathan Adler limited edition Bare Minerals kit!  You get a giant-sized foundation to impress people at parties while you cover your zits, a fancy Buki brush that will look like cheese log after two weeks because you know you never wash that shit and an acrylic shoe box to put it all in.

At $60 and only 5 shades of foundation, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GAWDDAMIT?!?!?!?!

Neveryoumind that I switched to Pur Minerals 3 years ago, I still love the JA, his husband and even their brand of happy, snarky chic they make me gag on from time to time.

Except this.  The only gay men I let near my face are the ones working at Sephora and MAC.
I can't wait to order my John Robshaw tampons.  After a few uses I'm sure they'll have that nice, authentic third world feel that you normally pay big money for.

Let's not leave the ladies out!  Kelly Wearstler can work magic with metal so make sure your favorite manmember picks up the finest $700 polished brass cock ring for his jewels. 

Can't wait for the Fab sale of John Derian's line of cling wrap for your leftovers...

These are million dollar ideas here and people will give you money for them.

Not me.  But people.

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