Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Contrastual Harnomy is my signature decorating style.

This is just the imaginary internet but I could feel your concern coming through the online tube waves last week when I told you I wanted gross, carnivorous greens on my bedroom wall.  To calm your feels I reached into the special design blogger tool box of decorating emergencies:  the quick and dirty mood board!

These are REPRESENTATIVE.  I'm poor.  Duh.
See?  It's totally just a boring old bedroom for your average, every day hermit madame with a heart of darkness and a strong desire for walls that look fresh but a bit deadly.  

I love a really dark color - my hallway has been chocolate brown for 5+ years so I'm not afraid of caves.  However, I'm only painting my headboard wall dark green as an accent and the rest are going to be white.  In fact, most everything is white.  I believe the technical term is contrastual harnomy.  Consider it the aesthetic battle of good and evil if that makes it easier.  The Battle of Valspar 2014.

Or it may look like shit and then I'll have to make an entirely NEW mood board!  THE HORROR!  A reader pointed out that MFAMB recently did dark green and she told me that it ended up being "the sight equivalent to an acrid smell" which made me chortle, first of all, but it totally is a worry a mine but also strangely appealing.  Maybe I'm just weird.

I'm hoping to start painting next weekend if I don't find a reason to procrastinate.  I may even get a little adventurous and say goodbye to the cave and paint my hallway too since I'm feeling the fresh in 2014. 

That seems like a lot of work and I'm very busy this weekend:  I've been binge watching Scandal finally (OMG how does Kerry Washington walk like that?) but also House of Cards is coming back.  I have to get my Sochi fix in too but I'm really only interested in bribes and water that looks like it was brought in from Charleston, West Virginia.

This is a lot of pop culture that needs my attention.

However, we're having icy weather again so I've been working from home on Tuesday and Wednesday which is both great but kinda weird because although showering IS optional on a midweek day it feels like I'm in a time swamp.  I'm working at 6 AM but then drinking coffee at midnight because I'm still in my pajamas and my body is confused so basically without the structure of a real office my entire concept of time collapses.

Maybe I should give myself an office after the bedroom!

Office of Darkness.  And productivity.

See you soon with actual paint and real life things.

PS Am I the only one who's really upset about Shirley Temple?

I watched ALOT of her movies when I was younger and am convinced she was a tap-dancing elf with magical powers of happiness and now I'm grieving and that's probably another reason why I can't get out of pajamas and/or been drinking since 5 today.

Ok 4:30.

The joys of telecommuting.

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