Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cabin fever is for lovers and sociopaths.



The rest of the country would rather die than look at more snow but us Southerners love a good cold day of miracles and frozen precipitation as long as it doesn't involve a traffic jam from hell like last month.  We enjoyed a delightfully manageable eight inches that resulted in much Instagraming.  *clears throat*

Well, "manageable" is a strong word considering power is out for thousands of people and I've had to work at home for three days because we don't leave the house now after the storm a few weeks ago.  

Day 1 was Wheeee! and I got a lot of work done.  By Day 2 I was feeling... strange... and started doing some logic puzzles like in middle school so my brain wouldn't turn into mush but I'd already lost so many synapses that they just classified my results with a sad face.  

By Day 3 my cabin fever has turned into brain pneumonia and I forgot how to talk to human beings.  I'm wearing socks on my hands.

I just grunt at things to communicate and eat a lot of dry cereal.

 I'm de-evolving.  

via Vintage Gal
Here's my Valentime's selfie for you.

I'm getting you all Open Hearts Wave necklaces because that's how much I love you.  It's like regular Open Hearts necklaces but BETTER because WAVES.

Just kidding.  We're all getting the same thing for Valentine's day.

Hours upon hours of everyone's lesbian girl crush and hair porn.  


  1. I always wonder if sociopaths think of winter as the pain-in-the-ass-season because it makes hiding bodies more difficult.....or maybe I'd just make a terrible serial killer because I can't see the potential.

    You may be losing synapses, but such pretty pictures! (she says in warm, warm California) Snow is always pretty from afar.

    1. Maybe it just buys them time till the snow melts so they can escape? Or does the snow make their tracks more visible...? Perhaps we're both terrible serial killers...

      Thanks! I'll take a pretty snow dump over death ice any day of the week. I like snow pics too but now having lived through it I guess I need to actually invest in, like, boots or something. Flip flops are not all year shoes anymore.