Thursday, July 10, 2014

Welcome to my half-finished bedroom, perverts.

Ok I'm finally over my Fireball hangover (just kidding I'm still drunk) so I was able to get a few pics of my bedroom for you.

Honestly, it's kinda weird to show a bunch of "virtual" strangers on the internet my bedroom so, just... yeah...  It's awkward the age we live in is all I'm saying.  I'm pretty sure I have real life friends that have never even stepped foot in my bedroom in the entire decade I've known them.  It's a private space.  But I only have ten or twenty readers so I guess it's cool.

So here's the magic headboard in its real home!

Headbort.  Yes, it's a little wide but I'm getting a new mattress in the near future so it'll work out fine.  But I'm really enjoying how it took my lounging from "college skank" to "luxurious hotel customer" in one (pseudo-easy) DIY.

And shout out to beautiful Moroccan pillow looking all cute and beige and sequiny up there.  I want to add about a thousand more white pillows up there to give it a home in the clouds.

To answer your question, YES I do make my bed every day.  Most days.  Almost all most days.  Having a nicer space with prettier things does make me more inclined to treat it as such.  It's what I do while I'm brushing my teeth in the morning and contemplating life and how delicious bagels are.
Yes, I scooted the headboard over to get the full effect.
I've used Mr. $3 Nightstand for a few weeks and really dig him.  He fits A LOT of face creams in there and is a good height.  Still exceptionally happy with the color and gloss factor.

Can't remember if I blogged the lamp or just instagrammed it but Mr. $20 Brass Lamp is very sexy and shiny and we are good bedtime friends.

Despite what you might think of me *cough* I'm not really feeling too fancy about styling up the nightstand surface too much.  Just enjoying my trinket box full of SECRETS and a piece of crystal that I got at a flea market.  I believe it was more than double the price of the nightstand so... make of that what you will.

On the dresser on the other wall is what I've been playing with lately:

Look at these sweet babies...  I really wanted some real live plants up in this dream chamber to freshen up the space and to continue with the *ahem* jungle "backstory/theme" that only I care about.  

I'm happy to inform you that all are STILL alive and currently the only thing on my dresser top.  I'm really loving this minimal thing right now.  

The far left is a sansevieria trifasciata or what we commonly call a snake plant and is a modern home must-have.  I had no idea it was was a snake plant when I bought it because they used the real name and the leaf coloration was different.  So far it's doing good although needs to be repotted.

On the right is a Calathea "Medallion" and I really hope it makes it.  It's struggling.  Well, I'm struggling with it.  The leaves change positions on me all the time and I was not given the Rosetta Stone for Calathea when I bought it so I can't decipher what it's trying to tell me.  

This little guy is an ox tongue (Gasteria?) and also needs to be repotted because it's outgrown its current home.  Honestly, I just have a thing for brass containers with feet so I'm having a hard time letting this setup go.

I did a fair amount of research for low light houseplants and these are the ones I thought looked most "bedroomy."  Some plants need to stay in the living room and I'm not sure why that is but it just is.  If you have any low light plants you'd recommend holler at me!

Last but not least is lighting!

I've had this lamp for ages but it needs some love.  It's white and brassy and I dig it but it's also broken and I can't find a shade for the life of me.  Thus the problem with buying vintage lamps.  And yet I CAN'T STOP DOING IT.  

The ONLY lamp repair shop in town is not open late or on weekends (because Jesus) so I have to literally take vacation time from work to go buy a shade and have it fixed so needless to say it keeps getting put off.  I thought Jesus was down for me getting errands run on Saturday but I was wrong about him.  YET AGAIN.

In addition to above fixes I also want to acquire a gnarly wood bench, some art and am possibly going to paint that mirror white or grey.  That wood frame is jarring me and I need to look at my reflection and pretend I'm floating in a cloud.

I know it seems like bedroom reSaucification is taking forever but I'm totally fine with it.  My heart's happy and my wallet's empty for now so we'll all cope together.

Now, please stay out of my bedroom until next time, perverts!


  1. It's actually pretty easy to rewire a lamp...they sell kits at home depot (and probably other hinge improvement stores) and the directions are really clear. It is pretty addictive though and will validate even more lamp purchases, I say as I sit amongst 7 lamps in my living room...heh.

    1. I do NOT need another reason to buy more lamps, Christy! JK I always want to buy more lamps! Unfortunately this one needs rewiring and some mending to a few crooked pieces that I can't get so I gotta take it to a pro. But you know I'm down for some DIY... ; )

  2. Great job! Your bedroom has a very contemporary, clean, and soothing feel. I love the plants, just don't overwater and you'll be fine! (I say that from experience)

    1. Thanks, Martha Mary! It's almost as if you KNOW me regarding plants! I've killed so many... *sigh*

  3. Looking good.....I was hoping to join you in the home renovation club this month, but my car had other plans. THEN IKEA decided to discontinue Billy Bookcases. Who does that?? Anyway, enough about me, your bedroom looks awesome!

    1. Thanks! But don't worry! I think IKEA is going to replace the Billy with something else! It's the best selling bookcase in the world so I think it's just being redesigned...?? Don't give up!

      Stupid cars.

  4. nice picture.. and i like your post about your bedroom decoration especially your minimalus painting