Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sofa [Lion] King Pretty Rooms.

I saw some good things this week here on the interwebkins.  Also, I had a really good quesadilla.  A fine week indeed.

Apparently I wasn't the only one who felt like sharing this week as the One Room Challenge folks also debuted their goodies.  I haven't seen all of them but this one did catch my eye at Holtwood Hipster:

I thought that wall was green at first and was excited/jealous!  Turns out it's black but I approve this lady's use of texture.  And I think she MADE some pretty bitchin nightstands.  

I didn't even iron my pillowcases...

Design Manifest continues to slay for me and wins the before and after hands down.

Always nice to see a blogger/designer that uses things like "floorplans" and "schematics" too.

I doubt this next room was sponsored by Lamps Plus or done in six weeks but I'm having some deep emotions about this sofa.

Parisian apartment by Pierre Yovanovitch here

What's the point when a 'couch' becomes a 'sofa?'  Is it a dollar mark?  Should every 'couch' actually be a 'sofa' and only rednecks like me say 'couch?'  I guess technically any place I couch my ass is a 'sofa' even if it's a soggy cardboard box in a rectangular shape.

I kinda want to plop down face first like a big blonde inchworm and scoot down its serpentine curves.  Just me?

If I was a big blonde lion would they let me scoot around on the couch then?

Tummy rubs for your weekend!

(Editor's note: I made myself laugh so damn hard with today's title so if you are lost this might help.  Or maybe it's only funny to me which is most likely the case.)

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  1. Yes, that title is inspired. And could you please release me from my lifelong torture wondering the difference between couch and sofa.