Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If your house had mojito popsicles I would visit there too.

Sometimes a life of mowing the lawn and pizza fabulosity gets to be too much and a Madame needs to get away from it all.  So I'm packing my bags with my travel sizes of glitter and going on vacation for the next week.  Squeee!

via Haute Design
That's not where I'm going but I could certainly tear that place UP.  (By napping.)  I'm headed to Denver to commune with friends and big rocks!  

I've been told they have mojito-flavored popsicles there.  

Oh you want me to have an extra one for you too?  If I must.

Just remind me to not chug water before I get on the plane this time...


  1. Mojito flavored popsicles, or mojito popsicles?

    (A margarita popsicle at this very moment would be awesome!)


  2. I heard mojito popsicles and even though I don't think you can freeze alcohol enough to make a popsicle I'm not really going to question it because YUM!

    Mmmmhh... margarita popsicle...

  3. Considering that pure ethanol alcohol "ice" won't form until the temp reaches -173˚F I think an alcohol popsicle might remove the skin from one's tongue and lips.

    I was hoping with all of the "mixer" additives that the freezing point might come up to somewhere closer to -30˚F which is within the range of dry-ice.

    Either way, I hope you enjoy your vay-kay.

  4. Thanks for ruining my alcohol fantasy, science!!!

    Thanks! ; )