Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Madame is a "writer" now. You know, of words.

Turns out this is a pretty damn good week for the ModernSauce team.  Charlemagne just gave me a decapitated bird (awwww...), cool people handed Madame Sunday some fancy shit because they think I'm awesome (shut your facehole) and other cool people want me to write on THEIR blog.  WTF?  Remember when it was just me, you and some ninja references?  Oh how far we've come...

Building Moxie is a great blog that talks about home stuff and building-y things.  Also, fucking POETRY!  I dare you to find another blog like that.  They decided to go slumming they needed some sparkling glamour and asked if I could share some of the ModSauce fabulosity with them.  I was happy to oblige.  I'm a giver really.  I wrote a heartwrenching, soul-fondling and slightly embarrassing post about the Madame and her drill.   

Don't worry - the fame hasn't gone to my head.  I'm still just the madame from the block.


  1. Used to blog a little, now she blogs a lot; no matter what she writes we know where she came from...

  2. Don't be fooled by the faucets that I got...

  3. you know what they say, fabulous is as fabulous does. . .or is that -- you can take the girl out of fabulosity, but you can't take the fabulosity out of the girl. . .and the swag will never smell so sweet. smiling. . .and thank you. g'night.

  4. that is exactly what 'they' say! aahhh... get a whiff of that sweet-smellin swag. ; )