Thursday, June 10, 2010

This makes me exceedingly happy.

From artist Zhou Fan

Just a normal jellyfish-on-your-head type of day.


  1. I believe technicolor protoplasm could be the new outre in thing. Who wouldn't want this sort of glam aura wobbling atop their head? It makes Bowie look like a nun (don't tell him I said that, he'll un-like me and I won't be invited for tea and bajiye any more. Iman's cooking sucks anyway - she should stick to topping the sexiest-over-50 list IMO.

    I wonder: has Gaultier had a jellyfish phase yet? The Madame could find herself on an A-list with a haute alliance of this nature. I imagine a diet of these niceties would also promote the default runway silhouette, thus killing two stones with one pound. Or some such antiquated scale of reckoning. These things matter.

    Speaking of efficiency, jellyfish coiffs could render the hair product industry totally impotent. Imagine if you will, self-maintaining tendrils and bumpits, perhaps even evolving as the evening unwinds - the ultimate in what do I feel like now? (not sure how to train a jelly - there must be a government study to that effect - isn't that what the Freedom of Information Act is for?). And they're bio-degradable! Yes! It's good for the planet. Mos def on to something here, MS.

  2. I think these look kind of gross. Especially the last one where the girl is vomiting up the red peony. And the fifth one reminds me of my kitchen compost pale before I take it out to the compost bin. The penultimate one is kind of nasty, too. It's like she's wearing the contents of a garbage can on her head. I feel icky now. Dirty, but not in the good, Christina Aguilera Dirrrty way. I need a shower.

  3. Awww, Zrzuce, where's your sense of undersea adventure? Jules Verne would be having a manatee if he heard you saying this (god rest his sole). I wish I could vomit peonies. A lot nicer than crude oil. What a party trick!

    Life is fecund, life is dirty, life is not always photogenic. Life Is. That's about it. Not picking on you, just stating my outlook on things. Jellyfish rock my outsider status.

  4. @Zrzuce these are actually really happy-looking to me! Like "yippee I have rainbow jellyfish on my head and am wearing a tracksuit" kind of happy.

    @Rich If there was a pun contest I think there is ample, concrete evidence that you would win. ; )