Monday, November 9, 2009

Sexy ninjas and Saarinen

Ok so apparently when you start a blog and post things on the internet the government, market researchers and hot young barely legal teens who want to do dirty things to me all have access to my innermost thoughts.  Or maybe they all read my previous post...  So if I mention my healthy respect for ninjas I GET NINJAS!!  FUCKING NINJA ASSASINS!!!!!  Hot Damn!!!!  From the creators of the Matrix??  It's like my ninja movie wet dream!!  (Well my real ninja wet dream involves some creative use of wasabi and nunchucks.  Is that racist?)  Oh the lead ninja is really a pop star who dances for a living and looks like this?? 

Well now he'll most definitely be the leader of the ninja division of the dance off!  Watch out Britney!! 

But wait...  here's a whole new group of skanks who totally out-slut Britney.  Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew!!!!  Are you shittin me VH1???!!!!!   It's like you took the best parts of Celebrity Rehab and just added more dirty talk, vibrators and crying.  Yet another reason to love Sundays!!!  While my (very small) sense of compassion is slightly piqued about obsessively ogling at the shame and horror stories of others it is in NO WAY enough to deter me from watching this mess or having dirty fantasies about Dr. Drew.  (oddly enough also with wasabi and nunchucks)   

So since you're being generous Mr. Goverment Man and Ms. Market Researcher I would also love to find an unlimited supply of sour patch kids delivered to me by a sexy ninja and a Saarinen tulip table.  Just small things.  But not the chairs.  Please not the chairs.

See I did get around to something design related!!!

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