Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Madame Boogerdy

Before you think I’ve really gone certifiably insane this is merely a look at the source of all my power.  It’s the science of my secrets.  Also it’s the answer to this week’s Let’s Blog Off question of what I think is funny. To clarify I don’t find a series of pictures of my two-dimensional face funny but you are free to laugh if you want.   I happen to think cartoons about glitter boogers on the other hand are immensely hilarious and would make my yearly sinus infections much more glamorous.   

I obviously have the sophisticated humor of a 14 year old boy so other things I find funny are dick jokes, Arrested Development, Danny McBride, rednecks, surprise silliness, four-letter words, intelligent snark (intelligent is a loose term), Will Ferrell, the unexpected punchline, yo mama, when girls who can't walk in high heels do that weird bent knee horse step thing, wankstas, HOT Pockets, Tina Fey, but not farting because that's plain gross, you disgusting animals!!

I also think Ren & Stimpy is geniusly funny if you didn’t get the weak reference in my crappy cartoon rendering.   I shouldn’t have to explain this to you but I’m being generous today in the spirit of the blog off.*

*snicker...  blog off sounds dirty.  heeheehehehehe


  1. I didn't know 14 year old boys had sophisticated humor. Whew, Thanks for the enlightenment. Lovely post about the ol' pick and flick. Ewwwww.

  2. I used sophisticated ironically. I have a brother - those early teen years still give me nightmares.

  3. Ms Sauce, wankstas are always good for a laugh. got some on my post too... but I missed the boogeries. doh! cindy @urbanverse

  4. "Eeet eez not I who am crayzee, eet eez I who am MAAAAD!"

    "We're not heetch-hiking anymore, WE'RE RIDING!"

  5. Lovely seeing Madame up-and-Adam for this blog fest. We need thy fantabulous curiosities to survive, you!

  6. Cindy - There's always next time... ; )

    Izzy - THANK you! glad to know someone else can appreciate the classic humor of kitty litter.

    Saxon - I have plenty more curiosities and weirdness. Don't you worry. ; )