Thursday, November 11, 2010

This makes me exceedingly happy

I squeed so hard I broke something.


The location78 house via Desire to Inspire. 


  1. Wait a minute, is this the Modern Sauce Ranch? Where's you hide all of the Madame Alexanders?

  2. Paul - yes, mhh hmm, right, this IS the Ranch. The black gets a little dreary sometimes but it's what my soul looks like so I feel it's fitting.

    I chose not to include my secret room in the photo tour - it has all my Madame Alexanders and Marie Osmond dolls, unicorn figurines, Hello Kitty collection and Charlemagne's clothes closet.

  3. The Marie Osmonds, the unicorns and the Hello Kittys didn't concern me but I was genuinely worried about all those hundreds of rheumy-eyed Madame Alexanders. I'm glad to know they're safe.

  4. this house is stunning in every detail!

  5. David John - fo sho. It might haunt my dreams but in a good way!