Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Navy and gold and a lesson in regional dialects.

I seemed to have amassed a collection of images featuring deep blue and gold.  That combo just seems so fancy and regal.  Unless you call it yella like we do down South.  Or yeller depending on which side of the crick you're from.  (That's creek to all you yankees)

Sorry no source. Correct me if you know...
ONLY look at the sexy blue wingback and saucy yella blanket.  If your eyes venture too far to the right and you see those gawdamnable stool things you'll immediately want to break the beer bottle sitting on your coffee table (or desk if you're at work) and take the shards to slowly carve out your eyeballs rendering you unable to track down the designer of such nonsense and make them die a slow death. 

from Emma's Design Blogg
In addition to that painting I've also been making sexy eyes at that sofa...  I forget the name of it but I know I've seen it in green too.  She's playing hard to get.  That's okay I can wait, you saucy settee.

Kate Spade's apartment via AT
This is where Kate Spade lives?  Really?  Whatevs...

via Design Milk

Sex and the City set via If the Lampshade Fits

Society Inc via Head Over Heels
This is so well-styled I can smell it.  It smells like leather, tea and dirty imported textiles.  mmmhhh...

Solid Frog
Blue and yella pillas!

I feel like I should know where this is from but I don't.  Sorry.

Coco & Kelley

Pia Ulan
You know what's betta than blue and yella?  FRIENDS in blue and yella!!  Technically it's cobalt and ochre I guess.  Also, technically I should be strung up and punched in the throat for all the stupid rhyming in this post.  Can we still be friends?  We don't have to be the type who wear blue and yellow though....

Unless you want to... 

But you have to wear yellow but I look like shit in it.


  1. Whoot! I have a yellow scarf. It's fate!! This Christmas we can totally recreate the last photo. If you head to my families place we can have a similar ocean background

  2. I want that Coco and Kelley room! Mmm!

    Now, since you was tawkin' 'bout Sou'ern dileccs, ah think y'oughtta minchin somp'n 'bout a yella tullet inna blue bathroom.

  3. Shannon - of COURSE you do! Xmas on the beach sounds loverly!!

    Zrzuce - u bess be keepin yo nasty bathroom habits to yoself, hussy!

  4. Here on the west coast we are too lethargic to have accents. But we are really mellow. you have any mella yella?

  5. Alexandra - I was trying to work in a 'mella yella' but it just didn't feel organic. Thank you for making it work in the commments. And no I don't have any b/c that stuff will rot yo teefs!!