Monday, November 8, 2010

Niblets of awesomeness

Chattavegas is, as you would imagine, the epicenter of architectural creativity and development as evidenced by this stunning riverfront condo development

from Larry Miller's photostream

that still sits mostly empty over year after completion because, as the natives describe, it looks like East German government housing that's the color of shit and sells cheap 1500 sq ft condos for $400,000+.  But hey, it's pretty progressive for our little town and I'm guessing that most people in this area probably think it's so hip and urban because OMIGAWD we totally just got a PF Chang's so we are sooo like Atlanta yo.  But not us.  And by 'us' I mean me and other people with taste like every gay man in the city. 

If we're going to fuck up the views of the river which is our only tourist draw let's at least do something a little more jazzy like these:

Wheeeeee!!!!  Les Choux des Creteil designed by Gerard Grandval in the early 70's sits outside of Paris and was an experiment in public housing.

vintage photo or photoshop manipulation? who can tell!

The balconies were designed to hold draping plants which would have looked so super hawt amazing but the developers had no vision and said that it would have attracted insects.  Sad face.  Petal balconies are still pretty cool - graceful unfolding concrete niblet blossoms of awesomeness.

I'm sure these floorplans were a bitch when laying out furniture but these are sacrifices you have to make when you want to live in pod towers like that look like giant mod versions of corn on the cob.

all images via Grain Edit unless otherwise noted

What I'm saying is let's slap some butter on these things and go to town!!  Maybe that would help our local architecture...  Butter makes everything better.  Just ask Paula Deen.  Or me.  Or the French.


  1. Screw PF Changs... I brake for Clumpies. ;-)

  2. Were these designed in the style of those musical instruments that the untalented kids always got handed? - "Here, shake this every so often. Party it up."
    Pass the butter.

  3. They look like awesome massagers, like you could just roll one of those balconies on my back. (OK it's MAINSTREAM but P.F.Chang's rocks in any city.)

  4. Nick - word.

    Alexandra - I'm sure you're absolutely right. Stupid nerd kids. GET SOME RHYTHM!!

    Kitchens for Living - YES! Back massagers for giants... I like how your mind works. And yes P.F. Chang's is delicious but I think I take a year off my life every time I eat there. It's also the most sophisticated dining establishment in our city... sadly delicious.

  5. I was about to point out that those buildings look a lot like the musical instrument I always got to play in school. Then I read Alexandra's and Madame's comments so I won't mention that. Should definitely keep that to myself.

  6. David all types of nerds and non-nerds are welcome here. I played flute in my middle school band for christ's sake. But that was only after I upgraded from XYLOPHONE!!!!! Yeah you read that right.