Sunday, October 31, 2010

Madame Boogedy*

The spirit photography of William Hope.

I've seen a spirit before (in addition to the ghost that used to be in the ModSauce Ranch).  He wasn't wearing a sheet but he was kinda transparent.  It was my cousin and he was wearing a baseball hat and dirty tennis shoes and smiled and waved to me from the teal green recliner that was in the corner of our living room growing up.   I think he came to visit me because obviously I'm the psychic one in the family.  Spirits ain't dumb y'all!

Old costumes...


two from here
  J'dore gore but it's really hard to tap into my inner pagan (it's pretty surface actually...) when it's 75 degrees outside, sunny and birds are chirping.  AND A SUNDAY!!!  The calendar is such a dick because how are you supposed to celebrate anything on a school night??!   I don't get many trick-or-treaters since parents these days are pussies and take their kids to 'Trunk or Treat' events because nothing makes more sense to me than combining Jesus and the devil's holiday.  So what's left are the ghetto kids (and teenagers) who don't even bother to dress up but just show up at my door with Bi-Lo grocery bags and attitude while their parents wait in the car at the road.  Just make an effort - ANY effort - and I'll give you candy.  So I'm not handing out candy this year because I think it was supposed to happen last night and I was busy getting my "Trick or 'tini" on elsewhere.  That's MARtini.  Tonight my sprinkler is strategically placed on my sidewalk because I just overseeded my lawn and that shit will die if I don't keep up the watering.  Also the only candy in my house is organic dark chocolate and I do NOT give that away.  Sorry kids.

It's too bad because I really love Halloween and dressing up (and SUGAR).  However it's really hard to top the Magnum P.I. costume of a few years ago so better to end on a high note.  So let's celebrate with the trailer to one of my favorite horror movies (I use "horror" loosely) - 1982's Basketcase:

The hot dogs get me every time.

Or if you'd prefer something a little less bloody and with more Fabulosity there's always this:

Tim Curry = instant panty creamer.
*High five if you know that movie reference.


  1. Hal- Hal- Hal -oween Hal-arious as usual. I'm a gonna give myself a High ten because I did NOT know that movie reference. THen I'm a gonna give myself another high ten for linking to your psychic post and reading it all. But you knew that, right? For truly scary psychic stuff, try messing with identical twins to see if they have twin telepathy and psychic powers. I dare you. Aaaah hhhhahha haaaaaaaa

  2. This isn't the old campfire, it's the old fireplace! And we're sitting on the floor of this stupid ol' haunted house... {high five to 1986}