Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Harmonious rebellion

No matter how hard you try you can't seem to get away from me anywhere you go on the internweb!!  I wrote a guest post yesterday for the architectural blog of fabulosity the place of dreams

The madame of that blog asked me to write about harmony so naturally I wrote about discord because I'm a rebel.  But then I found a fun video that perfectly illustrates harmony and I probably should have written about that instead but it really doesn't need a lot of words and see previous sentence about being a rebel.

It's like dancing sheets of music and architectural blueprints and rainbow colors and omigawd these should totally be animated!  I don't think AutoCAD can do that...

Stills from the artist:

I want this one.  In a 4 foot print...

No wait...  this one.

Ok maybe 3 of these.

It's like James Cameron's The Abyss introduced to the purple Matrix by Stephen Hawking's version of Avatar.  I don't even know what that means but it sounds pretty awesome.   

Check out more more videos and buy prints and wallpapers at Complexity Graphics.  Or not if you're a rebel.


  1. Ooh, I love these. My favorite is the one with the black background and golden lines. Why? Because it seems like a peaceful cathedral and stars on a clear night, all wrapped into one. And it is lyrical.
    Go get 'em, rebel!

  2. Alexandra - "lyrical" is such a perfect word for this!! I wish I'd thought of it. Stupid 2nd glass of wine...

  3. These are SWEET!

    Pardon my salivating all over your blog, but images like these make me drool...literally!

  4. Drool away honey! I have a squeegee. It gets saucy around here so I like to be prepared. Definitely check out her other videos! So. Badass.

  5. Man this post came just at the right time! You know when I am all drives on cold meds. I have looked at the pics a few times now and see differnt stuff each time. It's like a good cosmic trip that just makes menwant to draw

  6. "2nd" glass of wine? OK, if you say so...

    These are really beautiful. I think I'm with Alexandra on the black/gold one. Though to me it looks like an old-fashioned Christmas tree ornament.

  7. Shannon - ahhh your cough syrup addiction finally comes to the light! It's your true creative juice!! Draw away!!

    David - I didn't even reference wine in this post!! Wait, did I...?? I agree I love that one too. I actually love them all! So full of energy...

  8. I re-read your post about 4 times looking for your wine comment. You had me thinking I was crazy. Then I saw it in your reply to Ms. Funfit's comment. Whew, still sane.

  9. Dammit - I can't even make it through ONE post without mentioning wine!! I think perhaps my sanity (or sobriety) is in question. ; )