Sunday, December 12, 2010

We got a great big connnvoooyyyy, Ain't she a beautiful site.

Leave it up to tumblr yet again to bring the good stuff.  I like to go to Convoy for a manly dose of pictures without all that stupid commentary.  Seriously, who do these people think they are going on and on with their insanely witty remarks and touching life stories as they relate to design??! 

Convoy is a blog of Scandanaviany things where hipsters dress in scruffy layers

and paint everything in white

Carry lots of things

While in booties

And look at a lot of bike porn.
There.  I just summed up the entire blog.

I can only go to Convoy every once in awhile because although I like a good repetitive image dump of industrial country hipster chic, I reach my fill after a few pages.  And then the snark starts bubbling up.  I try to hold it in but I'm only human people!  But having a blog like that with obvious themes would make Christmas shopping sooo much easier.  "Well it looks like Convoy is still loving satchels this year..."  I should totally do that to selfishly ensure exactly what I want for birthdays and holidays but I'm not sure if a blog filled with pictures of pretty colors, unicorns, french fries and retro junk is really going to bring in the readers though.  Wait... did I just describe THIS blog???!!  Fuck.

Have I blogged this before? I can't remember. It deserves a repost.


Can I get some more bark in here?

Crocheted owl pillow on TOP of fur?  You could not get anymore indie rustic than this room unless Chloe Sevigny is skinning a deer right out of the frame.

I could work there.

or lounge there...

or read there.  I'm happy to see someone embrace their paperbacks. 

Oh Karlstad...  I like it when I see other people living with the same kind of shit I live with - cheap furniture and messy piles.

I bet I could TEAR. UP. some stores like these.  If I could afford them...

At first glance I kinda dug this space because I'm a sucker for a chandelier and then I realized heeeyyy... wait a minute...  Painted wood floors in a bathroom?  With a shag rug on top?  And giant rusting shelves next to a leather chair... How bout some sheers that puddle in the floor too?  WTF is going on in this BATHROOM??!!  If I could build a bathroom I'd make it so I could just hose the entire thing down (courtesy of a big drain in the floor) when it needed cleaning and try to avoid things that rust, mildew, attract water damage or soak up all the Aquanet I spray to set my bouffant. 

But sometimes I don't want to think about hitting my head on that ceiling every time I get in and out of bed, I just want to nap there.  Sometimes I just want to put on my disheveled layers, load up my vintage satchel (it's a Bi-Lo shopping bag), hop on my bike and be this girl

What's Scandanaviany for YES PLEASE??


  1. Now I'm lookin' up lyrics to that freakin' song...REALLY!?

    ...With a thousand screaming trucks
    And eleven longhaired friends of Jesus
    In a chartreuse microbus...

    I wonder if truckers know what chartreuse is?

    ...Well mercy sakes good buddy, we gonna back on outta here,
    So keep your thumbs off your glass and the bears off your ......tail

  2. Did you just censor yourself on this blog?? Great, now I'M going to have to go look up the full lyrics to this song too!

  3. It's not self-censorship. It's me trying to shift my karma from my days in architecture studio. When my speech was so salty it made the Dead Sea look fresh.

    Though I'm not sure that thinking one word, then saying another means jack shit to the karma spirits. DAMN IT! It's likely I just blew it there (and there).


  4. If language plays a role in karma then I'm fucked. I try to not direct it towards another person but... oh hell I do that too sometimes. But it was probably THEIR karma coming back around!! a-HA!! The circle of life.

    anyway... ; )