Monday, May 23, 2011

Eat, Pray, Pin.

via mint
This has been perking in my brain for a while because I was having some mixed feelings about it.  I probably really liked it a few years ago and would have looked at it in awe because damn that's a sweetly organized office!  But now - meh - and I don't know why.  I had to meditate on it, carb load using deathly large amounts of pasta and unclog my design chakras before I figured it out.  

from nice room via emma's design blog
I'm sure those shelves and shelves of magazine files and information are totally useful and so conveniently accessible but I figured out that I don't like that look because I think it's missing the point.  [MS sidebar: With the exception of back issues of Domino and Southern Living of course because you do NOT throw away those recipes y'all!  I once went to an estate sale where they had 30 years worth of Southern Living organized like the above picture.  I shed a tear.  It tasted like Confetti Corn Casserole.]  The point being, at a time when I would have squeed over the above images a person who hoarded the most amount of information was the the winner of the information media game.  That idea (and those rooms) feels gratuitous now which is weird because normally I love anything gratuitous.  Would you like more bacon on your Baconator?  Fuck yes.  *clutches chest*  However, now I think it's not about how much you consume but how smartly you can digest, process and organize information you receive and then how well you disseminate it that's more relevant.  

So buh-bye giant amounts of static info and hello to the new interactive information digestion!!  Yummy.  We don't just hoard information we FILTER it now!  Totally different.  (Not really.) 

*awkward segue alert*  

In comes Pinterest.  They've answered my bat signal with a place where I can consume filtered shit so I can process it and then disseminate it for further consumption and subsequent filtering by others.  It's the visual version of the human centipede circle of life.  Digital cradle to cradle, yo!  Really though, my pinboards are just the staging ground for all my blog posts where I can organize my brain rather than having to pull out every damn magazine file and search through 30 years of Southern Living for that one casserole recipe.  Now all my junk is in a happy little digital cloud somewhere up in internet heaven so when the Rapture comes (again) all my shit will already be up there.  

I really hope someone got that lame cloud/heaven pun...

So if you're interested in seeing what I hoard digest or want to follow me it's mostly interiors. Upon review it looks like mostly those interiors come from Head Over Heels so maybe you should just read her blog which you probably do anyway.

But if tulip tables aren't your thang (are you dead inside?) and prefer architectural-y outsides I have a board for that too:

 And one for patterns I dig:
Gunta Stolzl via But Does It Float
I have over 1000 pins right now so if you want to follow me for funsies you're welcome to but the best (and worst) stuff will usually make it over here to the Sauce anyway.

Sometimes I pin just color:
Thomas J. Abercrombie from National Geographic
So far Pinterest has yet to answer my new bat signal for creating mood boards like if Olioboard had a lovechild with the software from Minority Report but hey, a madame can dream.  

Sometimes I dream I'm all fancy like I actually read Vogue I'm interested in fashion and textile trends so I have a fashion board:
via Fashion Gone Rogue

In reality I like to wear pants and pretend my thighs don't touch and pin things I'd actually wear like this::
I'm not really a fashion person but I'd rock those faster than they can make an Elizabeth Gilbert book into a movie.  When you see shoes like that you need to remember them FOREVER!!  Pants not necessary.

I also have a board I've so cleverly called "Things that make me go OH" where I pin things I fantasy shop for:
Cat Chair by SerraydelaRocha via Design Milk

Sometimes just inspiration for whatever:
Madeleine Soder via Number 19
That is pin on a digital board of a picture of an actual pinboard.  The internet just exploded.

In this new age of processing, EVERYONE'S - dare I say it? - a curator so not surprisingly there is a large amount of Pinterest dedicated to cupcake porn, wedding hairstyles and bible verses in sassy fonts and photoshop filters and that stuff makes my stomach hurt so I don't follow that.  If you like that kind of thing then pin the fuck out of all the hair bows that make you squee but I won't follow your boards like that either.  Don't blame me, it's the nature of the filter.

So all that was a convoluted way of saying things feels different to me, I don't really know why, I like bacon and Southern Living and Pinterest and would recommend it to you too.  

However, they might be using all my pins to establish some sort of government file on me or start "predicting" things they want me to pin and so they can control what I filter and buy...  pinning precogs JUST LIKE IN MINORITY REPORT!!!  Maybe this is all a horrible idea...  

In the meantime, I may not like cupcake porn but every now and then a different kind of deliciousness filters through my dash like Alan Rickman.  *clutches chest*

I gotta go take down my bat signals...


  1. I just like saying "Pinterest". It's funny. I'll follow ye.

  2. I just started in on Pinterest and am totally addicted! Love it!!

  3. Alex - Pinterest, pinterest, pinterest! It is kinda fun! I hope you enjoy the millions of pictures from Head Over Heels you'll see... ; )

    Houndstooth and Nail - Enjoy! It IS pretty addicting!

  4. Thanks Madame, I really did not need anything else to be addicted too! Gee, I barely have time to work now, as it is! ;-)

    Brenda Lynn

  5. Alan Rickman, delicious!

  6. So, did you see Alan Rickman in "Sense and Sensibility?" Mrrrrrrowwww. I'd like to pinterest his cute self!

  7. I think you're well on your way to becoming a cyborg MS : ) A cyborg that can likely rock a pair of pink stiletto's, but a cyborg none-the-less.

    I do a lot of cycling. I've been known to log as many as 2000 miles over a span of 3 months. As one might expect, riding such distances makes one intimately familiar with the machine. All other things equal, if the points of contact are well designed the experience of riding is greatly enhanced. Those points of contact, the saddle, the bars, and the pedals are nothing more than interfaces.

    I'm free-associating here, but I think your experience with the "cloud" is similar (I know mine is).

    Isn't it sick how fixated we're on the tangible component of information? We're even obsessed with the good design of physical archives, as your pix clearly illustrate. But I think the method of accessing the archive is the thing that really needs design attention.


  8. Brenda - It can be addictive but that's only temporary until you figure out how it works best for you. Have fun!

    Kim - I KNOW, right?!

    AFF - I saw it about a thousand years ago when it started my inappropriate crush on a man that could be my father...!!

    Izzy - Dammit. I wrote a bunch of stupid paragraphs and couldn't say what you said in two sentences! (It was late last night... cyborg time) You're right - it's not the "what" but the "how." In the case of your bike I'm sure the "what" might be more important as it facilitates the experience you have - because that's what I assume you want, the experience of riding. But with information it seems like redesigning the "what" is pointless because that's not the goal anymore. I think I'm rambling. Maybe I need to rewrite this entire post... brb.

    Also, 2000 miles? That's like to the sun and back right? ; )

  9. Hooorah (wait, I'm not in the Marines, but it felt right). I couldn't agree more with the shift from hoarding info to properly digesting instead. Because this bitch has consumed a lot, THANK GOD information does not make you fat. TMI forreals. I need to watchout about too much research and stuff or else I'm going to be on my death bed saying "oh wait, just let me look on CB2 in case they have the right table, promise I'll be quick..."

  10. Consumption just takes so much damn time (I wish it was actually exercise) because CB2 NEVER has the table I need at the time I need it. Damn you!! But I keep going back again and again and Hooorah!

  11. Aw shucks, thanks for the kind words. Hugely flattered! Pin me all you want. I haven't gotten into Pinterest because I fear I might get lost forever and my kids need to eat. Once in a while. ;0)

  12. Girl you bring the hotness all the time! Hungry kids or not.