Monday, August 1, 2011

Ferrets are a girl's best friend. After glitter of course. (She's a poor girl)

We like to explore all manner of healthy (or not) fantasies here at the Sauce.  My favorite - after being the nerd version of Beyonce of course - is the one where I get to be an artist!  Squee! Not like the artist Sasha Fierce but a painter of shit.  It feels similar to my fantasy of being a vegan.  Both would be excellent for my body/spirit but they require dedication and skill that I'm not sure I have, a spirit of adventurous creativity that sounds exhausting AND I have to give up some of my favorite things... saturated fats and free time.  

I like glitter and pretending I have a diva attitude but I can't sing so at least painting and going veg is at least a bit more attainable.  ( But less sparkly.  Sad face.)  Needless to say - the painting fantasy therefore becomes very important in my fake internal reality.  

So when I saw these painting by Seth Clark it really chapped my ass because I'm pretty sure he did some kind of Sookie Stackhouse shit and looked into my brain and proceeded to steal exactly what I would paint in my artist fantasy.   

The first rule of telepathy is pretend privacy and this dude might be able to paint all pretty (or in this case ugly) but he sucks at common telepathic courtesy.  Come ON, Seth!  I only have like two good ideas in my fake artist file and THIS was one of them!  Leave something for the rest of us, you super-talented jerk.  That was pretending to have a diva attitude if you didn't get that part...

Abandoned houses in various stages of disrepair?  IT'S LIKE YOU KNOW ME ON THE INSIDE.

Oh how bout make some details all abstract and cool?  Gawd Seth, you're so selfish with the awesomeness.

Windows into my dead soul!!

It's not like I couldn't just quit my job and move into a dirty downtown studio where I hang out with other artists/homeless people and develop a drinking problem and get two pet ferrets named Kodo and Podo (another fantasy) just like in Beastmaster (different kind of fantasy) and be that zany-but-admired artist lady with the leather culottes after practicing my craft for a dozen or so years to then be able to kinda replicate these and then who's gonna look silly?!

Ok make it fifteen years...

Ferrets would be really useful by stealing paintbrushes for me and unlocking the doors of abandoned houses... just sayin.

More better than Sasha Fierce?  I don't know...

found via The Jealous Curator
Aww, man...  that drinking problem is going to have to be pretty severe...   

At least it won't interfere with my vegan lifestyle.

It'll most definitely help my Beyonce impression though...


  1. So tragic these houses be. They spoke to my soul. But I can't tell you what they said. Those black dark windows are spooky.

  2. What is it with bloggers? We're all becoming painters or shop owners? I say paint girl! If you want to, absolutely do it. Follow your dream!

    Clark's work looks like the long 'after' version of

  3. Bloggers are such wannabes right?! As soon as I get some time and space and another IDEA I'm going to give it a go. That or take a class in ceramics... whichever comes first!

    I LOVE the artist you linked to! Such great color! Thanks for the find susie!

  4. This stuff reminds me of Gordon Matta-Clark's work. I dig architectural decay, though I'm not exactly sure why.

  5. I'm not familiar with Matta-Clark but will google accordingly! Architectural decay is a popular topic - I think I could write a thesis on why I'm attracted to it. Maybe that'll be my blog in my next life...

  6. Decay is so interesting.. so sad, and so full of potential at the same time. BTW - some of these feel like they could easily be Daniel Libeskind sketches:


  7. Well said, K! I have a definite theme of pointy fabulosity happening lately (always?) and Libeskind is usually at the center. I can't seem to get away from him! As if I'd want to... ; )