Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Money doesn't grow on trees but I wish jewelry did.

I don't really showcase a lot of "stuff" here on the Sauce because even though I enjoy lusting over pretty things, other blogs do the whole shopping thing better than me and DAMN I don't have that kind of time to spend all day shopping on the internet.  I have work to do and videos of sleeping kittens riding rainbows to watch a thousand times.  (Please someone find me that video ASAP!) 

That kind of constant shopping always-want-more mentality is something we try to avoid anyway here at the Sauce.  We're better than that consumerist curse.  

Also, just poor.

But sometimes I just get the shopping bug as I sit here on my couch and look around at my thrift store gems.  Here are a few things I've drooled over lately.  I've so generously included the prices for you so you can purchase these if you get a wild hair.  Purchase them for me that is...
Meier/Ferrer Console Table via I'm Revolting's pinterest
This table sets my loins on fire which is appropriate since I would have to sell an ovary to get it.   Or you could sell an ovary.  Whatever.  I'm not currently using mine at the moment and madame eggs are going for a pretty penny on the black market I hear...

I think I'm also in a metal mood.  Normally I gravitate towards wood (shut up) but my house is looking like a hobbit house with all the gnarly brown fabulosity (and tiny dudes with hairy feet running around everywhere).

Ventilateur Prometheus, 1940 via lannerart's pinterest
This vintage fan is sessy as hell and omigawd it costs 7 jizzillion puka shells.  Even Kenny Chesney doesn't have that many necklaces

Maybe I'll try to wear my metal accents...
Nada Sawaya via She Breathes
These are some bracelets I WOULD sell an ovary for.  Too bad they will cost me 7 years of indentured servitude as Justin Bieber's vajayjay waxer.

via coco + kelley
It's like a table that IS jewelry.  Also it costs 7000 pounds of bacon.  Moving on...

How about something smaller and therefore probably more affordable and accessible and other 'a' words?
Hanging Light by Lukas Peet via The Contemporist
This one is only fifty-eleven American pesos but you can't just have one - you need a cluster of at least four dozen to look even remotely cool.  That's a lot of American pesos, amigo.

Okay, fine.  I'll just go for something super tiny.  
vintage Italian keys on etsy
ARRRGGGHHHH!!  My love for old skeleton keys knows no limits!  Oh wait - 23 euros you say?  That is indeed a limit.  By my calculations that is about 17.5 heart transplants.  

Fuck this economy.

I'm going to Tuesday Morning.


  1. Amen. Fuck this economy.

    You've got a couple of stunners there. I am so stealing those links.

  2. Dear your royal Sauceliness: I was about to buy all those items for you. But then I realized, you are too good for them. Yes, they are not deserving of you and are therefore better left where they are. Just thinking of you and your best interests. Kymberly

  3. If those keys are to your heart, you need much bigger keys! You know, for show!

  4. nkp - Gawd bless you internet of wonders!

    Kymberly - You are so right of course. I better set my sights on larger things like private islands and a console table made of stars from the galaxy.

    AFF - It's true. It's just a cold empty cavern with a lump of coal in there...

  5. no sleeping kittens on rainbows, but how about some jedi kittens? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtgtMQwr3Ko

  6. PURRRRRFECT! You're paw-some!!!!!

    Too much?!