Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Sunday Set

Today was supposed to be the final installment in my Lord of the Rings trilogy about the kitchen but this week spanked me!  Also, I was literally sick of my own blog voice.  Yes that happens.  So the finale is on Monday!

In the meantime, here's some images to cleanse my your palate.  They are decidedly absent of interiors and exteriors and things with walls and wires and anvils.

Third dimensions are highly overrated...

via ffffound

Morbid Excess via Behance
It's worth it to check out the whole series...

Pat Perry via Looks Like Good Design
And this one too...

from here but anybody know the artist?
[Update: Thanks to reader Baldwinium for pointing out that this is a self portrait of Egon Schiele proving that I spend more time on tumblr than reading actual art history books.]

here but artist?

Apparently I'm also in an 'androgynous haircut on lady portraits' mood....

Jenny Morgan that I found on some blog I forgot...

I've been staring at her for daaaays!  

I'll probably keep staring all weekend...  

I think she's hypnotized me. 

With neon.



  1. That is a self-portrait of Egon Schiele.
    Take a look:

  2. Thank you! You are awesome, I'm an idiot. ; )