Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's hipster to be not square

The good thing about having a blog is that I get to explore all the schizophrenic sides of my design personality without apology.  Like Sybil but with better taste and less trauma.  I get to like 18th century Neoclassical to MCM to whatever manner of contemporary the below is that I'm a bit obsessed with: 

RePUBlic Gastropub in Oklahoma City by Rand Elliott and Brad Buser via Architizer
Let's all squee for pointy fabulosity!  *communal squee face and clapping*  This pub is in Oklahoma City.  I have family near there and even though I haven't seen or talked to them in 15 years I think it's time to pay them a visit.  Familial love and all...

Maggie Center
Zaha Hadid seems to get behind some dark triangular somethings and she's never wrong, right?!

Bildbao No. 4 by Philipp Schaerer 
I don't even know if this is a real building but it totally exists in my dreams.

BTEK (Technology Interpretation Center) by ACXT via ArchDaily
Ooohh... lawn frolicking commencing shortly!

House in the Pyrenees by Cadaval & Sola-Morales Architects via Trendir
Well hello there, VIEW OF AMAZING AWESOMENESS.  And no I don't find the mountainous shape of that house too obvious, if that's what you're wondering.  I find it sexy as hell.

via simplypi but can I go to there?
If this was art school I'd make some clever observation about the theme of the "black delta" - that's a reference to the female pubic area if you haven't been to art school because everything is about lady parts in art school.  However, I already showed boobs last week and I don't want this blog to spiral out of control into filth.  

I'd like it to go there in a very controlled and orderly fashion of course.  

Linq office by Nu Architectuuratelier via 969 years
I'd like to work there. A LOT.  I would probably produce masterpieces and then dominate the world.

via simplypi
Bleak and pointy?  Yes please!!  

via 969 years
I may like my insides full of bohemian rainbows and sweet pattern orgasmisplosions but I apparently like my outsides sharp and darkly aggressive.  (omigawd, self awareness in 3,2,1...)

Let's gently shift gears away from architecture and my emotional problems...
Not for sitting, only for lusting and drooling.

installation by Via Grafik via wowgreat

Zander Blom via But Does It Float
Can these please be the new wall decals?  Fuck flowers and birds and shit, I'm going to hang a hive of geometry in the corners of my house!  Oh wait, that's called a mobile.  A CORDLESS mobile...!  Enh? *eyebrow wiggle*  ENH?!

Ken Greenleaf via wowgreat

Sarah Crowner via rery likes

via Peter Phile (?) ffffound
Ok I'll stop...


  1. I like way out but even this is a little way out for me :) although I do appreciate the design.

  2. There's plenty of stuff that's too "out there" for me - it takes all kinds! Thanks Tonia. ; )

  3. You know I saw a feature on CBS this morning about the Sydney Opera House that was really interesting. The architect that designed it was fired because the building process was such a clusterf*** and by the time he was finally invited back to see it and he was too old to travel and never saw it in person. Bummer.


  5. Kim - Wow, I've never heard that before! I guess that's what you get for having a clusterfuck of a project but it's still sad. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Zaha IS never wrong (just ask her)

  7. I'm scared to come within 50ft of her otherwise I would...

  8. wow... quite an amazing and exhaustive collection, such a well done job!
    i say, long live the acute angle!

    agnes / iiiinspired

  9. Oh I have tons more in my inspiration files - I had to make myself stop so as not to bore everyone! I'm glad you like an angle as much as me. I tried to work in an "obtuse" joke but it just didn't work...

    Thanks for stopping by agnes!

  10. Holy Shit I want this triangle on my wall!

  11. If anyone can make a wall triangle look like the shit it's you. GET ON IT!

  12. Cordless mobile...cordless mobile...CORDLESS FUCKING MOBILE OF GEOMETRIC AMAZINGNESS!!!!

    1. RIGHT??!!!! I'll make millions! First let me make one for my house. I'll finish it probably... oh... never.