Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Inside peanut butter, outside jelly.

Sometimes my practical Virgo nature gets in the way of me just leaving sexy things be - for instance, this little piece of hotness from Monday's post:
Cadaval & Sola-Morales Architects via Trendir
I know I posted this shot because it's just so eggy and deliciously pointy so I had to do a little more investigating of course.  How very Virgo of me also.

Oh hello front of the house!  Your stone walls are positively huggabunch huggable.  Neighborhood cookout is definitely at this dude's house.  

Where's the right side cord for that light fixture?  Photoshop?
Calling Unhappy Hipsters...  Here's the kitchen/angel landing pad from the inside.  Talk about some incredible views while prepping pizza rolls.  Might get a tad chilly but they probably have Pyrenees-issued snuggies to keep warm.

So does the single cord emphasize the ceiling height?  Just make them both invisible... I'm not getting this.
I'm starting to lose my lust a little bit...  

OH FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD!  I'm not expecting to see award-winning interiors but I was expecting at the very least a little effort.  Instead I got a grouping of lonely furniture and a dumbass rug.  It looks like my house for chrissake.  

It's a shame really because that wall of windows is really stunning.  The opposite wall is an epic fail if I've ever seen one.  I know from the outside the angled roof goes straight to the ground which is awesome but I was hoping the interior would fake a real wall somehow - even a half one.  Nothing says easy furniture placement like an acutely angled wall!  You probably wouldn't care because you'd have constant concussions from smacking your head on that jacked up diagonal.  I know when I build my dream house I want it to feel like an awkward attic!  Squeee!

This is better but that angled wall peeking out still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I've decided that I much prefer to have these houses as my neighbors rather than live in them because obviously they haven't figured out how to make the insides match the awesomeness of the outsides.  I know you're probably thinking that I must hate contemporary interiors and I don't - I REALLY DON'T - I just rarely see any that make me want to dry hump them like their exteriors do.  But I will try my best to find some that I think are successful.  Next week... 

I happen to like contrast so it's kinda like a visual peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  (I'm a madame - I like elegant and delicious metaphors.)  You need the perfect ratio of each component for the right balance of salty/sweet or inside/outside.  You can't have jelly on jelly because that's just pure madness.  Too much peanut butter and you'll suffocate in sticky.

In this totally appropriate metaphor, that sweet (blackberry?) exterior really needs something warm and salty (ew) on the inside so the only choice is something like this:
via Head Over Heels but I forgot the original source...
Gawd I'm good at this game!


  1. Whoa. I missed the previous post -- and I'm blown away by this house. Gorgeous!! I think the outside/inside discord must be an architect's issue. I'd bet money that an architect lives there. Having worked in an architectural firm, there's this disdain for interior design. I think sometimes architects create this masterpiece of a structure and then... stop. Have you been on modern tours, where the house is stunning, but the interior furnishings look mish-mash awful? Or the interior is practically empty and all hard surfaces? And then you learn that the architect actually lives there? Crazy right? I have a friend who is a pretty good local architect and he lives in a fabulous modern house. But (and this is probably his wife's doing) the interior looks like Better Homes & Gardens but more crafty. I don't get it...

    { Yep, I know someone will hate on my comment. It's what I've observed though... }

  2. Thanks for the comment, susie q! From my personal experience, I do tend to agree with you though so people can hate on me too. I mean, it's just the inside where you spend ALL of your time! I only buy houses based on the sexiness of the roofline anyway.

    I've absolutely witnessed places you've described - I don't think contemporary has to mean minimal and I don't think minimalism has to mean dead. It's about balance.

    I hope the clients love the inside because then that place is a success but a good designer/architect knows where their strengths and weaknesses are... an even better one knows how to work with them or around them.

  3. Honey, I know just what you mean. If I tried to dry hump that diagonal wall, I'd fall straight back and there'd be no one to catch me. There needs to be an anchoring fake wall installed.

  4. I feel like you really GET me, shuddlestone919. Obviously these architects didn't account for the kind of dry-humping lifestyle people like you and me lead. It's dangerous without that fake wall. Those architects are irresponsible, really...

  5. oh, the interior looks like the Island of Misfit Toys. so sad...

  6. I guess it's good for roller skating then...??

    Thanks for stopping by the Sauce, Heather! Sorry it was such a sad trip today. *wipes away tear*