Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some eye candy that I could definitely write a better essay about than Tim Gunn.

Because my eyeballs are greedy whores, I pin about a billion things a week.   You would think I could go there and pull together some sort of coherent blog post for you about pretty things while exploring the phenomenology of place but noooooooo!  Those images are like hours old!  *yawn*  Thanks a lot, interwebs, for ruining my attention span!

But the interweb always manages to come through - this time in the form of Visualle where I nabbed all these sessy images today.
the swankness
This tumblr is 100% swank fabulosity and 100% hairy taint free so you're free to browse while you're babysitting the kids at church while talking with your grandmother.  The link in the last sentence is not actually a link to gay porn, it's a link explaining why I'm NOT linking you to gay porn. 

To review, it's because I respect you too much.  

Unfortunately, many of the images on said tumblr are not credited so I don't know where they originally came from therefore I'll never know where I can go to actually traverse this gorgeous staircase.  This makes me exceedingly cranky.  

Not cranky enough not to post them but still...  

...mildly chafed to say the least.

A secret alley is probably one of my favorite design "moments" if I was the type of person to have "moments."  (I am...)  It's probably even better than a secret garden and I think we know how awesome that book is.  If I was a smart blogger I'd write an essay about the phenomenology of secret alleys and hallways but Project Runway is on and I can barely spell phenomenology without looking it up twelve times let alone write it while Tim Gunn is on. 

It has lots of vowels and syllables...  

I bet Tim Gunn can spell it in his sleep.  He could probably write a better essay too.  

Well-dressed asshole.  

This isn't a competition, Tim!  


Scratch that.  What is up MOST AWESOMENEST WALL EVER??!!!
I'm in a large art mood again.  AS IF I EVER LEFT!  *delicate lady snort*

I think when it comes time to torch replace the mini-barn in the backyard, I'll just get one of these...  I bet this is some kind of pre-fab kit.  I could assemble it in a weekend.  Totally.

Thanks for the reminder Visualle.  You were talkin bout blogging right, Eames?!  (Eameses?  Eamesi?)

Just wait til I post that essay about the phenomenology of glitter...  It'll be magic!

Update: The title of this post is terrible.  And not the normal kind of terrible that all my posts are, but it literally doesn't make any sense.  I'm not writing an essay bout Tim Gunn.  It should read "Some eye candy that I could write a better essay about than Tim Gunn could."  

Wait, that sounds worse.  Ok this: "Some eye candy that I would win an essay war against Tim Gunn if we were in an essay war"...   Better?

You're right.  Ok, what I really should have named my post: "How much essay could a Tim Gunn essay if a Tim Gunn could sashay like a Madame?"  

Ahh... perfect.


  1. I don't know who Tim Gunn is at all. I assume he is a snarkologist who, even on his best days, could begin to hold your snarkometer. This post, as with all of them, made me laugh until milk came out of my nose. Strangely, I ran out of milk a week ago. I should get that checked.

    You make me happy Madame Sauce. Thanks and Hugs.

  2. Tim Gunn - fashion daddy on Project Runway - could talk and write circles around me. He is the holder of all fabulosity in this world.

    Sounds like you are incredibly lactose tolerant... ; )

    Thanks, Brian!

  3. Agreed, that is one of the "MOST AWESOMEST CHANDELIERS"! Totally fabu!